Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016 - 356C on the Road Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016

Icy cold, searing heat and challenging routes – in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016, 120 classic vehicles cover the total distance of 13,695...

More How can we shape the future of urban mobility?

Everyone is talking about "smart cities" these days. But what does this term actually mean? Four experts who are studying connectivity and mobility in...

More Electric road hybrid truck, Scania G 360 4x2 (Hybrid Truck with Siemens pantograph on the roof) Gävle, Sweden World'́s first electric road opens in Sweden

The world's first electric road is being inaugurated near the city of Gävle in central Sweden, the result of a unique partnership demonstrating the...

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June 22, 2016 at 10:00 am until apprx. 12.00 pm (CEST)


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