2015-11-26 The Year of the Touran

The world premiere was in its home town of Wolfsburg, the first major appearance in front of an international audience was in Geneva and the driving ...

More 1.6 TDI engine (EA 189): flow straightener Technical measures for the EA 189 diesel engines affected presented to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority

The clarification and solution of the diesel issue is progressing. The Volkswagen Group has presented specific technical measures for the EA 189 engines...

More Training at Porsche for underprivileged young people in Asia Prospects for young Filipinos in the growth regions

Since 2008 the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) in Manila has been offering Filipinos from underprivileged backgrounds career...

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Wolfsburg, November 17, 2015

As we informed you in the press release entitled "Internal investigations at Volkswagen identify irregularities in CO2 levels" issued on November 3, 2015, and "Next step in clarifying the CO2 issue" issued on November 13, 2015, the CO2 values and therefore the fuel consumption data published by Volkswagen for some models are incorrectly stated. We are currently reviewing which models are specifically affected. The list of affected models for model year 2016 compiled according to current knowledge is available here.

Please take into consideration that the CO2 emissions and therefore the fuel consumption data published on the www.volkswagenag.com are therefore subject to reservation until this issue has been resolved and may be incorrectly stated.

In cooperation with the responsible authorities, Volkswagen is doing everything in its power to clarify the further course of action as quickly as possible and ensure the correct classification and presentation of the CO2 and fuel consumption values for the vehicles affected.

Thank you for your understanding.

Volkswagen Group Communications