The ŠKODA Museum collection, spanning over 1800m2 currently displays around 340 exhibits, including passenger vehicles from series production, racing cars, prototypes, and also several dozen engines, four motorcycles and a bicycle. The virtual tour offers a taste of the experience, awaiting visitors of the ŠKODA Museum. Virtual Tour of ŠKODA Museum and ŠKODA Customer Centre

The ŠKODA Museum is living up to its reputation as an interactive world of adventure – now even as a virtual on-line experience. The ŠKODA Museum is the...

More Volkswagen Golf SportWagen HyMotion Zero emissions with hydrogen fuel cell

As the power source of the future, hydrogen and oxygen are combined in the fuel cell to form pure water. Energy is released in this "cold combustion"...

More Volkswagen Golf R SportWagen Webvideo: Los Angeles Auto Show Highlights 2014

At the last big automobile show of the year the Volkswagen Group took the opportunity to show what it has been working on the past year...

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