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Our success is based on the qualification and personal commitment of approximately 610,000 people who are employed by the Volkswagen Group.
A company will only be able to survive in the face of international competition if it has a top team, characterised by a high level of competence, dedication, inventiveness and fitness.

Competence is created from good basic training and a life-long willingness to learn. Dedication ideally means entrepreneurial thinking and actions, not only by management staff. Active contribution of ideas and participation are expected of all members of staff.

The success factors are encouraged in our human resources processes and in projects.

Basic Principles

Not only does Volkswagen's corporate culture focus on people, it also represents the sustainability of economic and social goals, "corporate social responsibility".


Working and Living

The Volkswagen Group is one of the most successful automobile companies in the world. We are internationally strong, we have a broad range of first-class brands that is rivalled by...


Development Paths

It is the goal of the Volkswagen Group to recognise and uphold the performance and learning potential of each and every member of staff, and to promote all employees in line...



Automobiles are the world's most sophisticated and complex industrial products to be developed, manufactured and marketed. Not least because of this is Volkswagen a high-tech Group that lives from the performance of its engineers and from the proficiency of its skilled workers.