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"Volkswagen is full of opportunities for young people who show personality, dedication, a thirst for knowledge and great interest in automobiles." [Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Human Resources].

Training provides security for the future

Great importance is attached to vocational training in Volkswagen's human resources work. Globally, Volkswagen is currently training some twenty thousand young employees in all years of training. For example, every year, 1600 new trainees (including students on integrated degree courses) are taken on at Volkswagen AG in Germany. In addition, the Group provides funding for additional training places for disadvantaged young people in small and medium-sized companies across Germany. Despite the difficult situation, we shall continue our training offensive.

Amongst other things, internationalisation contributes to the establishment of uniform factory structures and to a modularisation of our products, whereby the production processes at the different factories of the Volkswagen Group around the world are growing ever closer together. Consequently, the specialists in production are increasingly required to satisfy internationally compatible requirements with respect to their competence. Derived from this are international standards for vocational training within the company, so that the training is more intensively systematised and its quality harmonised to a uniform standard. In the future, these standards will represent the competence requirements for our specialists in production and will form the basis for qualification and development programmes across the Volkswagen Group. For this reason, training is increasingly decentralised and conducted in company learning stations that are integrated in the value chain process – an important contribution on the road to creating the dedicated top team of tomorrow.