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The reputation of the Volkswagen Group has suffered all around the world in the wake of the diesel engine software manipulation issue, and trust has been lost. The misconduct that has come to light has particularly affected our relationships with our stakeholder groups and our activities in the field of sustainability.

This loss of trust by no means writes off everything that Volkswagen has built up over the years – from resource-efficient production and efficient technologies in our vehicles, to ensuring good work and co-determination, through to our partnerships and projects in the vicinity of our plants. But it has devalued it.

The step-by-step rebuilding of reputation and trust requires the full and complete investigation of the events and then pursuing the right course of action. Convincing signals in the area of environmental protection and credible steps in line with the change from being a carmaker to being a mobility service provider are also essential. This is something which we are striving for. We know that transparency, integrity and sustainability are more important than ever as the guiding principles of our corporate activities. This is the task we have set ourselves.


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Volkswagen Group Sustainability Report 2014

Group Sustainability Report 2014
PDF, 156 Pages, 10.11 MB

Volkswagen Group Sustainability 2014 at a Glance

Sustainability 2014 at a Glance
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