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During the past few years, the Czech economy has experienced a dramatic rate of growth. Thanks to a continuous flow of investment funds, the gross domestic product has repeatedly risen by more than five per cent year-on-year. The inflation rate is under control, the unemployment rate is falling. That which is good for the nation and its people creates what amounts to a “luxury problem” for companies: a labour market which has been swept clean. As a company driven by technology, Škoda has always had a large demand for skilled workers, managers and engineers. This is also the reason why the vocational technical college in Mladá Boleslav was joined in 2000 by the company’s own college.

By organising the only company-owned university in the Czech Republic, the Škoda Auto University in Mlada Boleslav, the car manufacturer has taken on a pioneering role in the educational scene since the turn of the millennium. Almost 900 students  are given the opportunity of completing a dual course of studies that meets the highest standards. Co-operation agreements with foreign universities demonstrate that the internationality of the teaching is very much in demand.
The academic titles of Bachelor and Masters are state approved and highly respected. Plans are on hand to introduce doctorate and foreign language courses of study in the near future. Today the focus of education activities is on business administration and the disciplines of marketing, sales, finance and environmental management.

Skoda is also at the forefront of staff further qualification. The Na Karmeli skills training facility, opened in 2007, provides  both university level training and staff training in its state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

Škoda has invested more than Euro 15 million in its skills training facility.

“Na Karmeli” is now home to more than 800 Škoda-students as well as to part of the Liberec technical university, with which the company’s car development department co-operates closely. Škoda is, however, investing not only in the recruitment and training of future specialists but also in the development of employees whilst securing the company’s ability to retain qualified women. Internal further and continuing training organised more than 4,000 courses a year attended by more than 37,400 participants. The number of employees involved in further training via e-learning rises continuously. A diverse package of programmes to make the company more attractive all share the target of expediting the integration of women back into the company after maternity leave. The package includes for example child care subsidies and flexible night work offers as well as the use of company cars and home computers during maternity leave and the regular dissemination of information about changes within the company.