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Flexible Quick Charging Station – The Power Bank for Electric Cars

Flexible Quick Charging Station

Volkswagen Group Components’ flexible quick charging station is the first power bank for electric cars. Thanks to its numerous applications, it enables a charging infrastructure to be established within a shorter space of time – a structure which is, above all, flexible. Series production of the new flexible charging stations at the component plant in Hannover will begin in 2020.

Advantages of the flexible quick charging station

  • Flexible use – with or without mains supply
    The flexible quick charging station works on the same principle as a power bank for cars. It’s a stationary device for storing electricity from the mains, and also a temporary charging point for electric vehicles. The charging station can be used independently from the mains supply anywhere where electricity is required for electric cars and where no charging infrastructure exists. The charging station has numerous applications: it can be used in public car parks, at supermarkets and stadiums, temporarily for events, and much more.
  • Second life for electric car batteries
    The charging station battery unit is the same as that used for the Volkswagen Group’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB). By using the same batteries for the charging station, they are given a second life, as vehicle batteries are replaced once they lose their charging capacity and fall below a defined residual charging level. If such a battery passes the thorough analysis it is put through after its life in a vehicle, it can then be used in a flexible charging station, which reduces the use of valuable commodities in the long term.
  • CO2-neutral mobility
    The new charging station can be charged with renewably generated electricity – be it solar or wind energy – and now enables this renewable energy to be stored temporarily for the very first time, making electric mobility CO2-neutral. This interim storage of energy relieves the pressure on the power grid at peak times.

“Our flexible quick charging station is an important component in establishing the charging infrastructure, as it can be used independently from the mains supply anywhere the customer needs it. The station is also unique in that it temporarily stores renewably generated electricity such as solar or wind energy in the integrated battery pack. Users can therefore fill up their tank with sun in the middle of the night, for example, ultimately making CO₂-neutral mobility possible.”

Thomas Schmall, CEO Volkswagen Group Components

Technical data on the charging station

  1. Compact dimensions

    At the Geneva Motor Show (7–17 March 2019), the compact dimensions of the “power bank” for electric cars will be demonstrated using a charging station design study that is almost ready for production. As it requires floor space of only 120x100 cm, it can be set up almost anywhere.

  2. Able to charge four vehicles at once

    Up to four vehicles can be connected to the charging station and charged at the same time; two of the vehicles can use the DC quick charging function, which provides up to 100kW. The other two vehicles can be charged at 22kW (AC).

  3. Charging capacity of up to 360 kWh

    The total charging capacity of a single station can be as high as 360 kWh. The battery pack constantly recharges when the station is permanently connected to the mains. If it is used as a temporary independent station and is not connected to the mains, it is replaced with a newly charged station as soon as the battery power level in the station falls below a defined level.

Picture gallery

You can download the pictures you see here in the Volkswagen Newsroom.


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