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Berlin Germany
Founded in 2016
50 Employees

MOIA is the newest company in the Volkswagen Group. Officially launched in December 2016, MOIA was set up for the purpose of redefining mobility for people living in urban areas. This independent Berlin-based company does not see itself as an automaker or a pure-play car-sharing provider, but rather aims to become one of the world’s leading mobility service providers by 2025. Its focus is on the in-house development of IT-based on-demand offerings such as ride-hailing and pooling services. For this MOIA also specifically invests in digital startups and collaborates with cities and established transport providers.

Rethinking mobility: the aim of MOIA

The official launch of MOIA as an independent company of the Volkswagen Group signifies a step forward. The aim of the new Berlin-based company is to develop and offer an extensive portfolio of on-demand mobility services that make the lives of people living in urban areas better, cleaner and safer.

Intelligent on-demand mobility for everyone: the services on offer

The mobility services that MOIA will offer and successively expand in two European cities from 2017 will be just as interconnected as urban life itself. Alongside pooling services with intelligent linkage to public transport (connected commuting), app-based ride-hailing is currently the area of business with the greatest market potential in the field of on-demand mobility.

At the outset, ride-hailing is therefore a key pillar of the services portfolio provided by MOIA and lays the foundations for the development of future mobility business models such as the on-demand operation of driverless cars. The objective of the Volkswagen Group as part of its TOGETHER Strategy 2025 is to generate a large portion of its revenue with these new areas of business by 2025.

Joining forces: technology partners wanted

This is something that cannot be achieved alone, only with a joint effort. For this reason, MOIA is constantly on the lookout for new technology partners and, in parallel to developing customized products in-house, is selectively investing in existing startups, beginning with the acquisition of a strategic interest in the app-based ride hailing provider Gett.

As an independent company MOIA likewise makes use of the resources and the network of the Volkswagen Group. This is because no matter what mobility services look like in 2025, one thing is clear today: new types of vehicles will also be needed for the new form of mobility that MOIA embodies. The Volkswagen Group has the experience and development expertise required for this.  

The MOIA team: innovative and dynamic

Ole Harms

New digital thinking requires new minds – plus a familiar, creative working environment. Thanks to the management team headed up by CEO Ole Harms initially keeping the size of the core team to fewer than 20 people, MOIA as an independent company of the Volkswagen Group is given a lean and agile enough structure to keep pace with the latest technological developments and operate successfully in the fast-growing New Mobility market.

There is a good reason why MOIA is based in Berlin. This is where you find precisely those creative minds from the European digital start-up scene that are needed for this new thinking.

More background on MOIA can be found at www.moia.io.