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Volkswagen brand deliveries in February at previous year’s level

  • 384,100 vehicles handed over to customers around the world
  • Positive trend in North and South America continues
  • As expected, planned changeover to new Golf affects deliveries in Europe
  • Reduction of tax concessions in China

In February 2017, the Volkswagen brand handed over 384,100 vehicles to customers throughout the world, corresponding to a fall of 2.6 percent compared with the previous year. Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, commented: "Worldwide deliveries by the Volkswagen brand reached almost the same level as last year. We achieved gratifying growth in the Americas, while certain European markets were affected by the model changeover in the Golf family, as expected. In our home market of Germany, the extension of leasing terms for employees also had a significant impact. Over the next few months, we expect that the large number of new models such as the Arteon and the new Polo will have a positive impact in Europe too.”

Overview of deliveries by the Volkswagen brand


The main trends in February were as follows:

- In Europe, deliveries fell by 9.5 percent compared with the previous year, to 114,400 vehicles. In Spain and the Netherlands, deliveries were affected by the model changeover in the Golf family.

- In the home market of Germany, 35,800 vehicles were handed over to customers, 19.8 percent fewer than the previous year. As in previous months, the main reason was the extension in the leasing terms for employees. The model changeover in the high-volume Golf family also had an effect.

- In Russia, deliveries were increased by 17.8 percent to 6,400 vehicles. The successful market launch of the new Tiguan was the main driver behind this development and also boosted other markets in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, such as the Czech Republic (+25.6 percent) and Poland (+21.0 percent).

- In the USA, 25,100 vehicles were delivered, representing a gratifying increase of 12.7 percent. The Tiguan, Golf Estate (SportWagon including Alltrack), e-Golf and Golf R all achieved new sales records in February.

- In South America, 28,700 vehicles were handed over to customers, representing an increase of 6.3 percent. This development was due to special effects in Argentina, where deliveries were 24.5 percent higher than the previous year. Deliveries in February 2016 had been especially low as a result of difficult economic and political conditions and were therefore significantly exceeded in 2017.

- The significant reduction in tax concessions for vehicles with small displacements in China as of the end of 2016 continues to have an impact on the market. In Volkswagen’s largest sales market, deliveries reached precisely the previous year’s level, at 170,500 vehicles.

- In India, demand for the new Ameo remained strong, leading to a significant increase of 45.0 percent in deliveries. This model was developed especially for the Indian market and was introduced successfully in 2016.