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Watching out for Drivers

The Scania Apple Watch

A Scania S 500 is on its way from Copenhagen to Södertälje in Sweden: the Scania Apple Watch on the driver’s wrist displays important information during the journey. The mini-computer calculates key performance ratios along the way to make the trip even safer and driving performance even more efficient.

Record after record

Drivers can beat their own record with the help of the four key parameters that are part of the Scania Driver Support system. Does the driver take his foot off the accelerator in good time at the crest of a hill, and apply the brakes correctly? Does the driver anticipate situations well, and shift gears at the right time? The better the performance, the higher the score displayed on the watch. One quick glance at the watch tells the driver exactly where there is still room for improvement.


1. Start: Copenhagen

  • 0km — 0hours
  • Ready to roll

Everything under control

The 40-tonne truck sends the current fuel and AdBlue levels to the Apple Watch-Scania Edition via the fleet management system. If the levels are OK, the truck is ready to roll. The driver can also use the app to check up on sleep metrics during his rest periods: seven hours and 48 minutes of sleep last night. A good night’s rest in Copenhagen.

2. Coffee break: Ljungby

  • 227km — 2hrs55mins
  • 15-minute break

Rain on its way

The driver activates the watch to make sure his break lasts the legally prescribed 15 minutes. During the coffee break, the watch says that rain is expected in the next 20 minutes. Wet roads ahead! The driver heeds the warning and exercises special caution as the truck sets off again. 

3. Lunch break: Jönköping

  • 336km — 4hrs30mins
  • Food and fitness

Active recovery

The driver makes optimal use of the lunch break by taking a short walk after the meal. Just 15 minutes should be fine. The watch not only monitors the time; sensors constantly measure the driver’s pulse to optimize his walking speed as well. Refreshed and rested, he continues on his journey.

4. Destination: Södertälje

  • 624km — 8hrs55mins
  • Unloading the cargo

The final score

Before the cargo is unloaded at the end of the journey, the Apple Watch-Scania Edition displays the average fuel consumption, giving the driver a good indication of whether today’s driving performance was fuel efficient. The latest parameters from the Scania Driver Support system give the driver immediate feedback on whether there has been an improvement in any of the driving metrics.

Scania Watch - Ahead of its time