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Looking back at the future

More than 2,000 different events held at around 70 locations throughout Europe, including church conventions, the festival weekend in Wittenberg and the Reformation World Exhibition: Since October 31, 2016, the Reformation year has moved and inspired hundreds of thousands of people. They are all fascinated by the effect that the Reformation had on our society. Furthermore, much thought has been given to the impact that the 95 theses, that Martin Luther is believed to have hammered onto the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg 500 years ago on October 31, 1517, have had on the course of our society.
What can we learn from the Reformation when we look back at it? From its ideas, its spirit and its power? Taking a look back at the Reformation is extremely worthwhile. After all, this movement inspired people to great deeds; because it has shaped our views of responsibility and freedom; and because the Reformation has never lost any of its appeal, even today.

“The anniversary of the Reformation is bringing together people from all parts of the world to discuss the social issues of our time. Throughout our history, there has hardly been an event that has had such a major impact on life in Europe and the fostering of democracy and human rights.”

Hiltrud D. Werner Member of the Volkswagen AG's Board of Management who is responsible for Integrity and Legal Affairs

Overcoming boundaries and creating momentum

The Volkswagen Group is a partner of this tremendous international event. This partnership has included providing 239 Volkswagen cars and commercial vehicles to support the Reformation anniversary. These vehicles transport the anniversary's organizers, guests and other participants to various event venues. In doing so, they facilitate encounters characterized by openness, tolerance – and the desire to put something in motion and strengthen our society.
The organizers of the Reformation anniversary are also focused on transporting huge amounts of equipment. This is why the Volkswagen fleet consists primarily of commercial vehicles.
Overcoming boundaries and creating momentum: The Reformation truck made by Scania linked 19 countries and 67 cities on the European Tour of Stations. The organizers of the Reformation anniversary outfitted this truck with several monitors and multimedia programs, as a way of illuminating the roots of the Reformation, encouraging people to reflect and prompting them to talk about their encounters with the values of the Reformation. During its tour across Europe, the truck stopped at four VW locations: in Wolfsburg, Zwickau, Emden and Osnabrück.

The Reformation was the driving force behind far-reaching, epochal change that people ultimately achieved by working together. The world of the automobile is also on the verge of a new age. 

“We are going through tremendous technological change. To meet these challenges and become a leading provider of sustainable mobility, Volkswagen unites the skills, knowledge and courage of many people.”

Benita von Maltzahn Head of Culture and Society at Volkswagen Group Communications

The Reformation anniversary will end on October 31, 2017 – with a magnificent celebration where it all began: in the Luther city of Wittenberg.