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What is the right thing to do?

New Code of Conduct for the Volkswagen Group

Code of Conduct

Is it ok if I ask a friend at a government agency to intervene in favor of a bid submitted by Volkswagen? May I do my own repairs on an electrical appliance in my department? And can I organize a company car free of charge so our sports club can transport our team to an away match this weekend? The answer is “no” to all three – and all three examples can be found in the updated Code of Conduct, which applies consistently throughout the Group.

The new Code of Conduct enters into force when it is published on 10 October 2017, initially for the employees of Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, Volkswagen Group of America and Volkswagen Chattanooga. All other brands will roll out the new Code of Conduct by the end of 2017.

Hiltrud D. Werner, Member of the Group Board of Management for Integrity and Legal Affairs, highlights the significance of the Code of Conduct: “It is our joint responsibility to breathe life into the concept of “integrity” at Volkswagen. Specifically, this means that we should all know the existing rulesets, act responsibly and take the right decisions. The new Code of Conduct is the fundamental basis for our actions.”

The Code of Conduct – which has been put together in a brochure and can also be accessed via the Internet – is based on shared values. It is a guide that incorporates both legal requirements and the Company’s own regulations. The focus is on honest, ethical conduct, integrity, and the issue of “responsibility” in general. Whether at work, in your role as a business partner, or as a member of society – the Code of Conduct is aimed at making it easier to deal with existing rules in the Company and at providing help and guidance in tricky situations.

“It is our joint responsibility to breathe life into the concept of “integrity” at Volkswagen.”

Hiltrud D. Werner

The revised edition is also a response to frequent requests for clear, transparent rules of correct behavior. For this reason, new content has been added, the material is presented in a clearer format, and the text has been made more succinct and easier to understand. What is more, the Code of Conduct now contains practical examples to illustrate all the rules.

Group Chief Compliance Officer Kurt Michels emphasizes that all employees should familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct and follow its guidance: “We all share responsibility for compliance with the existing rules. The Code of Conduct is intended to provide help, guidance and reassurance, especially in difficult situations. We at Volkswagen want to be the best - in terms of product and service quality, but also by interacting with each other fairly, transparently and supportively.”

“We all share responsibility for compliance with the existing rules.”

Kurt Michels

Here you will find more information and a list of contacts, as well as the Code of Conduct for download.