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The Volkswagen Group in China

The Chinese automotive market plays a special role at the Volkswagen Group. In 2018, the Group’s brands sold more than 4.2 million vehicles there. But China is more than Volkswagen’s second domestic market. And the massive electric offensive under way there, the even more intense localization effort and the new Volkswagen Group Future Center in Beijing – one of three locations worldwide – serve to demonstrate that fact.

Volkswagen in China

Powerhouse for the mobility of tomorrow

Growth and change: The Chinese car market remains the largest in the world, and China is also assuming a leading role in e-mobility and digitalization – with the Volkswagen Group as a strong partner.


Volkswagen electrifies China

Volkswagen is the world’s biggest carmaker, China the largest market for electric vehicles. Not surprisingly, the interest at the Group Media Night before the Shanghai Auto Show is very high. Volkswagen has a lot in store on its “second home market”.


China: All Under One Roof

Volkswagen Group China has moved into its new headquarters in Beijing, known as the V-Space. The building brings together approximately 2,300 employees who previously worked at four separate company offices in the Chinese capital.


JETTA to become the new Volkswagen brand in China

Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management with responsibility for “Sales, Marketing and After Sales”, smiles. “I think it is really exciting to help bring a new brand into the world. This is definitely not an everyday occurrence,” he tells a group of international business journalists.


Volkswagen is systematically and vigorously advancing its e-mobility offensive

As part of the 5th German-Chinese government consultations, the Volkswagen Group China signed letters of intent with the FAW Group, and with the China Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (Beijing) Research Institute Co. Ltd. (ICV). The agreements cover the areas of e-mobility, connectivity, mobility services and autonomous driving.



All signs point to E

China is the largest market for electric vehicles in the world. The Chinese government is making huge investments in electric car infrastructure and creating more than just financial incentives for customers. Particularly in metropolises such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Beijing, owners of e-vehicles receive special treatment – from license plates to free parking spaces or permission to drive every day.


Pay with your smile

China is set to become a leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. For that, the state spends billions. Chinese consumers are already experiencing the effects in everyday life today.


Mühe, Hope & Co.: Volkswagen promotes culture in China

With a photo exhibition by Andreas Mühe, an “Art x Tech” symposium and a Yellow Lounge with Daniel Hope, Volkswagen strengthens its commitment to cultural and social issues.


Made on MEB – the first e-factory in China

The electrification strategy of the Volkswagen Group China is rapidly gaining pace on the world’s biggest market for e-mobility. In Zwickau, Germany, the group-wide largest production line is currently being built, scheduled to start production of the electric ID car in summer 2019.This Friday, SAIC Volkswagen China celebrated the first spade cut for a new factory in Anting near Shanghai – it will be the first mass production site for e-cars groupe-wide, based on Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). Start of production in Anting is planned for 2020.


The visionary in China

Carl Hahn, former CEO of the Volkswagen Group, brought the Volkswagen brand to China in the 1980s. By creating the automotive industry China, he worked with Volkswagen to fuel the country’s economic and social development. For his dedication to the country, China Newsweek has named Carl Hahn “Person of the Year.”


In the footsteps of a visionary

In the 1980s, Carl Hahn paved the way for the Group’s success in China as CEO of Volkswagen. His successors have continued his legacy and today Volkswagen is the market leader in the Middle Kingdom.


“Weixin”: the Chinese version of WhatsApp

Digitalization is having a much different impact on everyday life in China than in the West. The big names here are Alibaba and Tencent – for everything from communication and meals to payments and transportation.


Volkswagen in China – a long lasting friendship

China is the most important sales market worldwide: The Volkswagen Group delivered more than 4.2 million vehicles there in the 2017 financial year - the result of decades of cooperation.


At home in China

In 2018, the 40th year since China’s economic liberalization, the country remains one of the most significant markets for Volkswagen – and Volkswagen the most important partner of the Chinese automotive industry.


Merkel and China's Premier drive SEDRIC

Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attended a demonstration on autonomous driving in Berlin. The Chancellor and her state guest also undertook a test drive in the Volkswagen concept car SEDRIC.


“China is our second home”

Looking out to the Auto China 2018 that will open its doors this week, Herbert Diess pictured the status quo of the Group. “Our mission is to make the Volkswagen Group one of the leading companies in our industry in terms of profitability, innovative power and sustainability.”


Electric, connected and roomy for China

E-mobility, digital connectivity and the SUV trend are the focal points of Auto China 2018 in Beijing. The brands of the Volkswagen Group are showcasing their many new products in these areas at the trade fair.


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