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Green Finance

Becoming one of the world's leading providers of sustainable mobility calls for substantial capital expenditure. The Green Finance Frameworks defines the frames for sustainable financial instruments from Volkswagen.

Our Green Finance Frameworks consistently link our corporate objective of carbon neutrality in 2050 with our financing strategy.

Green Finance Frameworks

Green Finance Report

Volkswagen Green Finance Report 2022
Volkswagen Green Finance Report 2021

Green Bonds

Climate Bond Initiative Certification 2022
Post-Issuance Verification Letter for Climate Bonds Standard 2020
Climate Bond Initiative Certification 2020
Pre-Issuance Verification Letter for Climate Bonds Standard 2020
Currency & Amount Coupon Period ISIN
EUR 750 million 3.125% 28.06.2022 - 28.03.2025 XS2491738352
EUR 1.00 billion 4.125% 15.11.2022 - 15.11.2025 XS2554487905
EUR 1.00 billion
3.875% 29.03.2023 - 29.03.2026 XS2604697891
EUR 750 million 3.750% 28.06.2022 - 28.09.2027 XS2491738949
EUR 750 million 4.250% 15.11.2022 - 15.02.2028 XS2554488978
EUR 1.25 billion 0.875%  23.09.2020 - 22.09.2028  XS2234567233
EUR 750 million
29.03.2023 - 29.03.2029 XS2604699327
EUR 750 million 4.375% 15.11.2022 - 15.05.2030 XS2554489513
EUR 750 million 1.250% 23.09.2020 - 23.09.2032  XS2234567662


In our Volkswagen Group Sustainability report you can find further information about Sustainabilty in the Group


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