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Wolfsburg Germany
Founded in 2019
80.000 Employees

As of January 1, 2019, Volkswagen Group Components is an independent business unit under the umbrella of Volkswagen AG responsible for the development and manufacture of strategic components for the vehicle-producing brands of the Group. In five business areas – engine and foundry, gearbox and electric drive, chassis, seats and e-mobility – 80,000 employees work in 62 plants worldwide at 47 production sites. They develop and manufacture vehicle components, shape future topics such as charging infrastructure or battery recycling, and thus make a crucial and valuable contribution to the Volkswagen Group, its brands and products. The Chairman of the Board of Management of Group Components is Thomas Schmall.

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Volkswagen Group Components’ flexible quick charging station

Volkswagen Group Components’ flexible quick charging station is the first power bank for electric cars. Thanks to its numerous applications, it enables a charging infrastructure to be established within a shorter space of time – a structure which is, above all, flexible. Series production of the new flexible charging stations at the component plant in Hannover will begin in 2020.

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