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Berlin Germany
Founded in 2016
1,290 Employees

MOIA is the young mobility company of the Volkswagen Group. Since its launch in December 2016, MOIA has been pursuing the goal of redefining the mobility of people in urban areas. To this end, the independent company with around 1,300 employees at the Berlin and Hamburg locations develops mobility services and works in partnership with cities and local public transport companies. The focus is on developing its own IT-based on-demand services such as ridepooling. For this purpose MOIA has developed a digital ecosystem for the entire value chain of ridepooling - from apps to algorithms to fleet management. MOIA combines the best of two worlds: the start-up culture of a young, international mobility company and the extensive experience of the Volkswagen Group.

Rethinking mobility: What MOIA does.

Currently MOIA offers a fully electric ridepooling system in Hamburg and Hanover, which helps to make the life of people in urban areas more liveable, cleaner and safer. With the ridepooling by MOIA people share a vehicle, whose start and destination are in a similar direction. Via app the customer sends a ride request. A dynamic pooling algorithm assigns it in fractions of a second to an already existing ride. Customers are picked up and transported together with others on a completely dynamic route. Ridepooling helps to reduce individual traffic, use the road structure in cities more efficiently and avoid emissions.

Together with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Argo AI, MOIA is currently developing and testing autonomous ridepooling in a pilot project in Hamburg. The goal is to develop an autonomous, internationally scalable ridepooling system by 2025.

MOIA: the young brand for the turnaround in transportation.

"MOIA" is a slightly modified word from Hindu-Sanskrit and means something like "magic". But the reference to Volkswagen is not missing either: turned upside down, the upside-down capital letters result in "VW", which is combined with IO. In IT, the abbreviation i/o stands for input/output. This underlines the DNA of MOIA as a technology company.

The brand strategy and visual identity aim to make the holistic MOIA experience tangible for users and to ensure the same user experience at all times - whether digitally when booking or while on the move. The special moments for MOIA's customers should not only start at the destination, but already on the way. "Arriving begins here" is therefore the new brand promise.

The cornerstone of the new visual identity is the vehicle MOIA +6, whose colour and shape was transferred into the digital product design by MOIA's own brand design team in order to create a connection between the digital and real environment and thus a holistic visual identity.

The team from MOIA: Keep up and co-create.

Digital thinking needs new minds - and a creative working environment. MOIA's management team deliberately focuses on small core teams. As an independent company within the Volkswagen Group, MOIA is agile enough to keep pace with the latest technological developments and to operate successfully in the dynamic market of new mobility.

For good reason MOIA is therefore also located in Berlin and Hamburg. Here are exactly those creative heads of the European digital startup scene, which are needed for this new thinking.

More background on MOIA can be found at moia.io.

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