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Let's update an entire industry

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CARIAD offers you the unique opportunity to transform automotive mobility for the better. Working on a scalable software platform and digital features that will be used in over 9 million new cars per year, you have the chance to be part of a company that’s making a difference in the automotive industry.

The challenge

Let's take over-the-air updates: a well-established standard for mobile devices, they've now received a twist when it comes to the automotive industry. CARIAD enables users to not only update their system and security, but also to download and unlock entirely new features for their vehicles, such as automated driving or infotainment functions. It’s already happening. Witness your ideas being implemented in the global Volkswagen fleet.

Want to get creative with us?

Become a part of the CARIDIANS

The solution

Advanced over-the-air updates require an improved digital foundation. It all starts with our unified cloud platform. This will soon be one of the largest vehicle-related clouds in the world, designed to provide a secure and scalable foundation for remote updates and self-driving capabilities for Volkswagen Group vehicles.

Data-driven development

Our platform lets you analyse real-time data from millions of cars on the road, worldwide. New features and services can be tailored precisely to the users' needs, and can be provided over-the-air globally. Over-the-air updates are already available to a fully networked fleet of production vehicles including the Volkswagen ID. family.

With the rollout of our cloud platform, we will scale the benefits of data-driven development even further over the coming years.

Proof of concept

ID. Light – a simple light strip that helps the driver save energy. Or enhanced image processing for safety features that improves the recognition of other road users such as motorcycles. These are just two examples of the features that our more than 5,500 experts and developers have come up with and that have found their way into Volkswagen cars exclusively over-the-air.

And what’s more, their development was driven by feedback from our community – the very first ID. customers. As part of a transparent, collaborative and diverse culture, we believe that innovation should originate from the real-life needs of the people who use our products.

The impact

CARIAD is the spearhead of technological innovation within the Volkswagen Group. We’re leading the charge towards becoming a technology-driven mobility provider on a global scale. And we’ve only just begun to revolutionise the driving experience. We’ll be significantly expanding the digital lifecycle of vehicles, and improving safety and convenience, with over-the air updates being just one of many important enablers.

At CARIAD, we have full-stack, end-to-end responsibility for our products, and contribute to integration and testing strategies as well as roadmaps and migration paths. Our journey is full of opportunities – and exciting challenges. If you’re up for an adventure and want to have an impact on the mobility of tomorrow, join us and become a CARIDIAN.

Learn about the challenges ahead and how we work as a team

The world of mobility will change fundamentally by 2030: e-mobility and fully connected transportation with autonomous driving will determine how people move around in future. At #Volkswagen Group we will enable our customers to experience this desirable #NEWAUTO world! We are ready for this challenge!

#NEWAUTO - What mobility means to us

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