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Martorell Spain
since 2018
approx. 15,000 employees*

CUPRA is the unconventional challenger brand that combines emotional design, electrification and performance to inspire the world from Barcelona. Disruptive and distinctive, CUPRA is loved by some people, but not liked by everyone. CUPRA is for those who want to stand out from the crowd— but with something that sets them apart.

CUPRA Tavascan**.

CUPRA has a simple goal: to build emotional cars with great design and impressive performance. Sporty and provocative, passionate and sexy: the brand proves that electric cars don't have to be boring and functional.

CUPRA is not afraid to challenge the status quo and do things that have never been done before. More than just a car brand, CUPRA creates emotional experiences on and off the road. Together with its dedicated following, the CUPRA Tribe, the brand stands for contemporary values and a challenger spirit.

In just a few years, CUPRA has created an unstoppable momentum and is determined to lead a movement driven by emotion and ambition to inspire a new generation of drivers.


Click here for the CUPRA brand international website

*As of 2021 year end, includes both SEAT and CUPRA employees

** CUPRA Tavascan is currently not available for sale and pending on homologation. The technical data displayed are merely indicative and may vary. The available power (KW) and acceleration of the vehicle depends on the battery charge level and its temperature at all times. The pictures are used for illustrative and informational purposes only and may not correspond to the series production. The electric range of the vehicle varies depending on a series of factors such as the orography of the terrain, the weather conditions, the state of charge of the vehicle (occupants + luggage), the age and condition of the battery, the optional equipment chosen (rims, tires ...), the use of peripheral consumers such as heating, air conditioning or heated seats, and their driving style. The indicated autonomy is a provisional value and has been calculated in accordance with the WLTP regulation that establishes standard test conditions applicable to all 22 manufacturers so that the values calculated following this regulation are comparable with each other for all vehicles.

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