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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Hanover Germany
Founded in 1995
23,955 employees

In 2021, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand celebrated the world premiere of its new Multivan, now in its seventh generation, ushering in a new era for customers and brand alike. Another highlight was the presentation of the Caddy Maxi.

Caddy Live Live (75 kW/102PS): Kraftstoffverbrauch in l/100km (NEFZ): innerorts 6,0 / außerorts 3,9 / kombiniert 4,7; CO₂-Emission kombiniert in g/km: 123; Effizienzklasse: A

As a leading manufacturer of light commercial vehicles, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is making fundamental and sustainable changes to the way goods and services are distributed in cities in order to improve quality of life, especially in inner city areas. That is why the brand is the Volkswagen Group’s leader in autonomous driving as well as in mobility services such as Mobility-as-a-Service and Transport-as-a-Service. For these solutions, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will develop special-purpose vehicles such as robo-taxis and robovans in the future. The Hanover site will be home to the production of vehicles from the Group’s Artemis project as well as the bodywork for a new Bentley model. In this way, the brand will continue to keep the world of tomorrow moving, with all of its requirements regarding for clean, intelligent and sustainable mobility. This is what Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles stands for with its brand promise: We transport success, freedom and the future.

In 2021, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand presented the seventh generation of its bestseller: the Multivan. The latest version of the “Bulli” boasts an improved seat and cargo space system, a lounge-style interior, a newly designed instrument panel and an integrated display landscape. A first for the model range is the new 160 kW (218 PS) plug-in hybrid drive, which combines local emission-free driving with large ranges and a low total fuel consumption. The new Multivan is thus ushering in a new era for the brand on its Way to Zero. The Caddy Maxi was also presented in the reporting year. At 35 cm longer than the base version, the Caddy Maxi offers more space and more options: a trouble-free way to transport bulky items or carry up to seven people.
The ID. Buzz, the fully electric version of the iconic “Bulli” and one of the most important new models from the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand, is ready and waiting in the starting blocks. And the successor to the Amarok, developed in cooperation with Ford, is also lined up for 2022.

Deliveries by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in fiscal year 2021 stood at 360 thousand units (–3.2%). Sales increased in Spain (+3.3%), Turkey (+17.0%) and Argentina (+44.6%). Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles sold 326 thousand vehicles in the reporting period, 5.6% fewer than in the previous year. However, growth was seen above all by the Crafter and the Multivan/Transporter. The California models were also very popular, with sales increasing to 29.2%. In 2021, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand produced 335 thousand vehicles, 2.5% fewer than in the previous year.


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