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Digitalization in the Volkswagen Group

Not the one being driven, but the driver of digital transformation in the economy and mobility! How Volkswagen Group is shaping the profound transition phase while modernizing and digitalizing the entire company in the process: an overview.

The Purpose of all the Zeros and Ones 

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The answer: it’s the binary code1 for the heading “Digitalization in the Volkswagen Group.”

One thing’s for certain: the entire business world is in a period of profound transformation. The digitalization of all branches of the economy is the driver of this change – and in the case of the automotive industry, e-mobility is an additional element that is challenging car manufacturers. The Volkswagen Group is pressing ahead with modernization and digitalization. On the one hand, within the company, primarily in the administration but also in production. On the other hand, in the entire industry, through collaborations and inclusion of suppliers.

How the digital awakening of Volkswagen AG will become visible to its customers

Whether car-sharing, micro-mobility offers for the last mile, ride-sharing or ride-pooling services, it is in large cities particularly where digitalization will create a variety of new products that make life simpler. The Volkswagen Group is in a leading position with its range of services.


Stories on digitalization in the Volkswagen Group

Digitalization affects all business areas: in addition to the vehicles themselves and the various services related to mobility, the Group is digitalizing development, vehicle production and the entire work landscape in the factories and offices. In the process, Volkswagen AG is linking the automotive and digital world in such a way that customers, companies and society all benefit equally.

News on Digitalization

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1 Decoded via the website QBit: Binary Code Translator

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