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2016 – A successful year for Volkswagen Truck & Bus

  • Staffing at the holding company almost complete
  • Lead Engineering – key cooperation principles established
  • Strategic alliance with Navistar announced
  • Host of innovations premiered at the IAA
  • Number 1 in Europe with 265,000 connected vehicles
  • New digital brand RIO already online in test mode

    Volkswagen Truck & Bus, thecommercial vehicle arm of Volkswagen AG, set key strategic milestones in 2016. Thealliance with US truck manufacturer Navistar which will open up entry into the NorthAmerican market, further expand global presence, and leverage additional synergiesis just one example. The company also took a key step in the closer integration of itsexisting MAN and Scania brands: the so-called “Lead Engineering” concept lays downclear principles for joint activities in the development of vehicle components. The IAACommercial Vehicles show saw the Group present a whole host of new products suchas the Volkswagen Crafter, the MAN TGE, and Scania’s new truck generationalongside forward-looking drive concepts like the MAN eTruck, a fully-electricdistribution truck.

    Andreas Renschler, member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and CEO ofVolkswagen Truck & Bus, is optimistic: “2016 was a startup and strategy development yearin which the brands and people behind them came together. We have assembled a smalland highly agile team at the holding company that is now as good as complete so staffing atVolkswagen Truck & Bus is coming to an end. Next year will be all about turning us from astart-up into an established company. The challenge will be in keeping the founder spirit,staying hungry, and maintaining a high pace. One thing is clear in any case: in 2017 we willtake the next steps on our journey toward becoming a global champion.”

    New digital brand RIO showcased

    With 265,000 MAN- and Scania-branded trucks now, Volkswagen Truck & Bus is number 1for connected commercial vehicles in Europe. The company will soon be going one stepfurther. The IAA Commercial Vehicles also saw Volkswagen Truck & Bus showcase “RIO,”an open, cloud-based platform for everyone involved in the world of transportation. MANinitiated RIO and is responsible for development of the brand within the Volkswagen Truck &Bus Group. Thanks to its fully digital DNA and strategic partnerships, RIO plays a pioneeringrole in the transportation industry. The platform is available to all stakeholders in thetransportation industry, regardless of the vehicle brand they use. RIO aims to make the worldof transportation more efficient and eco-friendlier. The basic RIO platform is online now and the first vehicles are driving right across Europe testing it. With its launch in early 2017, RIOwill offer all participants in the transportation system digital solutions tailored exactly to theirindividual wishes.

    LOADFOX – a freight pool

    One of the solutions on offer is the digital freight platform LOADFOX, which was also initiatedby MAN. It is a service for smart order management. A specially developed algorithmcombines partial loads into profitable tours, creating an efficient link between shippers andtransportation companies. The “freight pool” will ensure that fewer half-empty or empty trucksare on the roads. This increases the revenue of shippers, reduces the amount of traffic, andcuts CO2 emissions.

    Volkswagen Truck & Bus

    Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and aleading commercial vehicle manufacturer worldwide with its MAN, Scania, and VolkswagenCaminhões e Ônibus brands. In 2015, Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH’s brands sold around179,000 vehicles in total. Its offering ranges from light, medium- and heavy-duty trucksthrough transporters and buses which are produced at 25 sites in 17 countries. TheCompany had a workforce of around 76,000 worldwide across its commercial vehicle brandsas of December 31, 2015. The Group seeks to realign the transportation system through itsproducts, its services, and as a partner for its customers.