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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers 367,900 vehicles in first three quarters

  • Worldwide delivery increase of 4.9 per cent
  • Amarok shows an increase of 11.4 per cent  

In the first three quarters of the year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 367,900 vehicles from the T, Caddy, Crafter and Amarok series to customers all around the world. This represents an increase of 4.9 per cent compared with the same period last year.

In Western Europe vehicle deliveries increased by 2.6 per cent to 249,500 vehicles. In Italy 9,100 vehicles were handed over to customers (+11.6 per cent), in Spain the figure was 11,100 vehicles (+10.89 per cent) and in France 15,500 vehicles (+9.9 per cent). In Germany 91,900 units (-0.1 per cent) and in Great Britain 35,700 units (-4.1 per cent) were delivered. 

In Eastern Europe deliveries of the brand increased by 17.1 per cent to 29,000 vehicles.

In North America (Mexico) deliveries increased by 37.0 per cent with 7,700 units. In South America (+21.9 per cent to 30,600 vehicles) and in the Asia-Pacific region (+17.3 per cent to 19,200 vehicles), Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also delivered more units than in the previous year. 

The markets in Africa (-6.9 per cent to 10,300 vehicles) and the Middle East (-12.7 per cent to 21,600 vehicles) recorded declines.

Overview of worldwide vehicle deliveries in the first three quarters of the year:

• 153,800 vehicles from the T-model range (146,900; +4.7 per cent)
• 123,200 vehicles from the Caddy range (116,900; +5.3 per cent)
• 57,800 vehicles from the Amarok range (51,900; +11.8 per cent)
• 33,100 vehicles from the Crafter range (35,000; -5.6 per cent)

The drop in deliveries of the Crafter is attributable to the model changeover.

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