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Volkswagen Group becomes a more attractive employer for women

  • HR Board Member Blessing: “We need women’s know-how!”
  • Share of women will continue to grow at Volkswagen

Volkswagen is working to increase the share of women in the workforce as a whole and the number of women in management functions. “We are making Volkswagen more attractive for women because the company needs their know-how,” said Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, Member of the Management Board responsible for Human Resources, on the occasion of today’s International Women’s Day. “This is why we are fostering family-friendly working models, mobile working and the possibilities of part-time working also for managers at Volkswagen.”

Blessing added: “We are encouraging diversity and a change of perspective. A key element is the realignment of management development, allowing female managers to gather the experience and skills needed for promotion to top management faster. Their potential will be one of the key factors in the future competitiveness of Volkswagen.”

Elke Heitmüller, Head of Diversity and the Advancement of Women, says: “We want to see continued growth in the share of women in all areas of the Volkswagen workforce: technical apprentices, skilled workers and master craftspeople. That applies even more to management. Over the next few months, we will be focusing more strongly on flexibility in management. Especially job sharing in management functions would be an effective tool for harmonizing professional and family life.

Volkswagen recently completed a pilot project “Career with Children” to ensure greater compatibility between people’s professional and private lives for budding managers. This project provides support for management and junior management personnel before, during and after parenting leave and has already led to a follow-up project focusing on job sharing and flexible work-ing time models for managers.

Independently of these projects, Volkswagen is bringing the compatibility of professional and private life forward. Mothers and fathers in the company benefit from this approach. For many years, Volkswagen has offered childcare during the school holidays and also childcare facilities near to certain plants. More recently, a parent and child office has been introduced. In addition, there are information events for future parents, parenting leave meetings, contact maintenance programs and other support programs, including father and child workshops.

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