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CEBIT 2018 highlights: Volkswagen provides glimpses of digital know-how and presents the latest variant of the SEDRIC

  • Volkswagen showcases comprehensive digital know-how at CEBIT 2018 (June 12-15)
  • World premiere of the SEDRIC Active: self-driving technology platform for individual 
mobility at the touch of a button, specially designed for water and outdoor 
sports enthusiasts
  • Volkswagen opts for cloud platforms as a basis for future-oriented digital work
  • Commitment to key technologies: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain
Volkswagen @ CEBIT 2018: Glimpses of digital know-how and world premiere of SEDRIC Active

With a view to continuing the development of 
mobility in all its facets for its customers, Volkswagen is steadily expanding its digital capabilities. In this context, Volkswagen is modernizing its IT systems and migrating all applications to cloud platforms. The Group is also acquiring additional IT expertise and using new technologies for products, services and corporate processes. 
Volkswagen is forging ahead with key digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing and block chain technology. Today, the day before the opening of CEBIT in Hanover, Volkswagen gave the public a first glimpse at its show stand. Also on show at CEBIT is the SEDRIC Active – the latest version of the self-driving technology 
platform for individual mobility at the touch of a button, specially designed for water and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Martin Hofmann, CIO of the Volkswagen Group, says: “The digital future of Volkswagen is starting now. We are focusing on the rapid modernization of our IT systems and on making digital solutions for our customers and users within the company even more convenient, safer and more efficient. This will lay a firm foundation for the confident handling of key future technologies. We want to expand the specialist IT expertise of the company in order to secure a competitive edge for Volkswagen in the future.”

One main focus is on the migration of all systems and applications to new cloud platforms. This way, Volkswagen is laying the foundations for the long-term shaping of digitalization. In connection with these efforts, the Group is combining the progressive modernization of IT systems with the consistent development of expertise related to key digital technologies.

This includes research and development work on artificial intelligence (AI). More than 80 international specialists including AI research workers, natural language processing experts and data scientists are now working at the Data Lab in Munich, the Group’s AI competence center. Together with all the brands of the Volkswagen Group, they have already implemented more than 100 AI applications for vehicles, customer services and corporate processes. Specialists at Audi and Volkswagen Group Research are progressing with their development work in the field of machine learning systems for use in autonomous vehicles.

Volkswagen is also stepping up its pioneering role in quantum computing. At the IT labs in San Francisco and Munich, highly specialized experts are working to develop the potential of quantum computers for applications that will be beneficial for the company. The main focus is on the refinement of traffic flow optimization with a resolution of milliseconds and the simulation of materials and alloys. The first experimental projects are also concerned with possibilities of combining the potential of quantum computing and machine learning (quantum machine learning).

Within the Volkswagen Group, more and more brands and departments are testing blockchain technologies. The pilot projects range from improving the transparency and automation of supplier and logistics networks via the exchange of digital vehicle keys to establishing the "capacity for business" of self driving vehicles, allowing the vehicles to charge themselves, park or perform other errands (such as courier trips) "on their own behalf" in the near future.

Volkswagen presents the latest version of the SEDRIC as the ideal vehicle for outdoor sports 
At CEBIT 2018, Volkswagen is also showing a further development of its self-driving technology platform SEDRIC. The new sports and outdoor model SEDRIC Active features a specially designed interior and exterior tailored to meet the individual needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of the Volkswagen Group, says: “Our vision is ‘mobility for all at the touch of a button’. We want to offer individual mobility to everyone around the world. ‘At the touch of a button‘ means ease of operation and access. Users can call SEDRIC either with the OneButton or with our MOIA mobility app. We aim to create mobility solutions that customers use passionately because they are tailored to meet the needs of people – with the highest possible safety levels, the best possible user experience and digital intelligence.”

With the aid of its roof rack system, the SEDRIC Active can carry a full set of windsurfing equipment consisting of surfboard and sail and will therefore become the ideal companion for active participants in water and land sports in the future. At the touch of a button, the self-driving car comes along to carry its passengers and their equipment comfortably and safely to the desired windsurfing venue. SEDRIC will follow the outdoor sports enthusiasts to their new collection point, which will mean that water sports enthusiasts, canoeists or mountain bikers will no longer need an accompanying vehicle.

Volkswagen at CEBIT 2018 in Hanover: Halls 25 and 27
In the Future Mobility Hall (Hall 25), the Volkswagen Group will hold a forum for interested members of the public and specialists with exciting presentations and first-class exhibits as well as interesting discussion rounds and talks. The forum will cover a wide range of topics and highlights ranging from new types of digital automobile design, quantum computing and trial projects with blockchain technology to applied artificial intelligence within the company and data-aided traffic optimization in major European cities.

On Tuesday, June 12, Volkswagen will also be holding the Volkswagen Summit, a one-day talk event, in Hall 27. In focused keynote addresses and talks, specialists from the company together with experts from universities, politics and technology partners will discuss the future in all its facets – from the future of individual and urban mobility to the future of the world in which we live and work.

Volkswagen’s HR marketing and start-up cooperation specialists will also be available in Hall 27. In targeted discussions with budding IT specialists and start-ups, they will focus on the wide 
variety of tasks within the Group as well as career entry and cooperation possibilities.