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SEAT dedicates a full week to the health of its employees

  • The company is organising a Health Week with theoretical-practical workshops for the health, safety and well-being of the employees
  • Road safety and the zero accidents goal are other main aspects of this initiative
SEAT celebrates its “Health Week” with theoretical-practical workshops for its employees

SEAT is celebrating a Health Week this week at its Martorell headquarters with a series of sessions featuring theoretical-practical workshops dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of its employees. The goal of the organised activities is to ensure the health of its workers and disseminate specific measures that strengthen SEAT’s contribution to a healthier society, beginning with its employees.

In addition to its commitment to health, safety at the wheel has always been a priority for SEAT. Thanks to the application and implementation of the latest active and passive safety technologies, the company is developing ever safer vehicles, thereby contributing to reaching the goal of zero accidents. With this in mind, a simulator has been set up this week to build awareness of road safety and a workshop has been organised where employees can learn how to safely remove themselves from a car following an accident.

SEAT Vice-President for Human Resources Xavier Ros pointed out that “the health and well-being of our employees is one of SEAT’s highest priorities. The Health Week reaffirms our goal of ensuring our workers’ comprehensive protection by taking care of their health as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness about safer driving.”

One of the workshops was to learn how to safely remove from a car following an accident

Practical, dynamic activities are being carried out at SEAT’s CARS Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre, such as relaxation workshops, an introduction to mindfulness or pelvic floor exercises. Other initiatives to improve employee well-being are taking place under a marquee set up at company headquarters, such as workshops ranging from sports nutrition, muscles and injuries and the importance of physical exercise, to improving occupational health such as hand eczema or skin exposure to the sun. Specific activities aimed at women on women’s health and gynaecology have also been organised.

On the occasion of its Health Week, SEAT has set up a market place with free fruit and juices as well as healthy diet workshops and show cooking sessions, where a chef explains flexitarianism and teaches recipes that adapt to this lifestyle and diet choice. During this week, all SEAT employees can also undergo immediate medical tests without having to make an appointment. Furthermore and for the first time, this year the activities are also being carried out in Volkswagen Group España Distribución, a company included in the Joint Prevention Services of the Volkswagen Group in Spain companies.

SEAT, a healthy company
SEAT’s health services are one of the company’s differentiating aspects, to the point of being recognised nationally as well as internationally. In this sense, the company was recently given the European Sport and Healthy Company 2019 award by the European Healthy Association on the basis of SEAT’s health policies and its commitment to fostering physical activity and health among its employees. Other acknowledgements include certification of its occupational health and safety system according to the new standard ISO 45001 as well as its certification as a Healthy Company.

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