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The brands of the TRATON GROUP are ready to ramp up their plants

  • Scania to start with a test of production operations in Sweden and the Netherlands
  • MAN Truck & Bus to resume work in stages, beginning on April 27
  • VWCO to restart manufacturing from April 27 in Resende, Brazil
  • Andreas Renschler, TRATON CEO: “We are concentrating fully on protecting our employees’ health and on sensibly limiting the economic consequences of the corona pandemic by carefully controlling the ramp up our production operations.”
Scania plant

The brands of the TRATON GROUP are gradually restarting production operations that have been shut down since mid-March. Following the shutdown of production, Scania Vehicles & Services will initially test the stability of its supply chain and its production line processes on two business days that will be carried out at a reduced tempo while adhering to health-protection requirements. Scania’s production sites in France and Brazil will begin to ramp up their operations a week later. MAN Truck & Bus will restart its bus and truck production step by step, beginning on April 27. Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus will put the assembly lines of its main plant in Resende, Brazil, back into operation beginning on April 27. The VWCO plant in Queretaro, Mexico, is scheduled to reopen on May 4.

“We are concentrating fully on protecting our employees’ health and on sensibly limiting the economic consequences of the corona pandemic by carefully controlling the ramp up of our production operations,” said Andreas Renschler, CEO of TRATON and member of the Board of Management at Volkswagen AG.

TRATON SE is currently preparing the required set-up and protective measures, such as a route guidance system as well as a cleaning and office concept, in order to be able to ensure a gradual reopening of the headquarters in Munich in the coming weeks.

“The corona pandemic has clearly shown us in recent weeks just how important road transports are to supply people with the goods they need,” Renschler said. “Our carefully considered resumption of production operations will ensure that our customers receive the supplies they need. The corona crisis is unique because it has simultaneously and nearly worldwide brought production to a standstill, as a consequence of disrupted supply chains and a collapse in demand. We will be able to overcome this crisis on a European level only with an energetic and coordinated approach within the European Union. Vigorous action is required in every single state.”

TRATON is taking special precautions to protect the health of its workforce as it resumes operations. Production processes are being modified and cycle times extended as a way of creating extra space between employees. Minimum-distance requirements and stricter hygienic standards will apply in all areas. Protective equipment will be provided in those areas where it will be impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters. Additional precautions will also be taken for employee breaks. In addition, work shifts will be decoupled in order to reduce the potential contact between employees.

The restart will take the current availability of parts and developments in the sales markets as well as applicable official requirements into account. The company’s top priority is comprehensive precautions to protect the health of its employees.

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