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Volkswagen Group Components presents the SPEED+ Awards

And the award goes to…

  • Gold for the Group Components plants in Braunschweig, Puebla and Tianjin, as well as for SITECH Polkowice and SITECH Wolfsburg
  • Tianjin in China is the first plant ever to be presented with three gold awards
  • A total of 22 awards were presented
  • Cross-brand competition covering 11 nations and 23 plants
  • CEO Thomas Schmall: “Learn from the best and make the best use of those ideas throughout the company”
  • Group Board of Management member Dr Stefan Sommer: “The awards showcase best practices to the entire Group”
CEO of Volkswagen Group Components Thomas Schmall at this year’s Speed+ Award ceremony

Today, for the third consecutive year, Volkswagen Group Components awarded the Speed+ Award to its best performing plants. Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components, presented the coveted awards from the international and cross-brand competition for efficiency for the first time in an online event. The nominated plants from sites around the world tuned into the live event; thousands of employees followed the announcement of the winners by webcast. The component plants of the Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA brands also took part in the competition for the first time. The Tianjin components plant in China was the big winner this year, scooping three gold awards.

Fierce competition in eight categories.
The award categories – plant efficiency, assembly efficiency, shop floor management, process excellence, cost of tools and networking – were supplemented this year by two further categories, namely lead time and hours per unit (HPU). The new lead time category focuses on process orientation and cross-divisional consideration of the whole value stream. HPU is the key performance indicator for net staffing in production and non-production areas down to assembly line level. The winner in the special networking category was decided for the very first time by online votes submitted by employees. Three plants which had been nominated beforehand were up for election.

Thomas Schmall, CEO at Volkswagen Group Components, said, “In its third year, we have not only added more suspense by incorporating two new categories into the SPEED+ Awards, but have also increased the number of participating plants. The inclusion of more Group brands has added to the sense of competition surrounding the awards. However, the focus continues to be on creating standards that enable us to learn from the best in our company. The company won’t benefit from the best examples if we don’t share them and make them available for all to use.”

Dr Stefan Sommer, Group Board member for Components and Procurement said, “The SPEED+ Awards put the operative performance of our plants under the spotlight and simultaneously promote competition among the participating sites. But it is also about ensuring that our plants remain competitive, and thus viable in the future, in relation to external competitors. This efficiency contest provides our plants with a benchmark and showcases best practices to the entire Group.

High turnout
Now in its third year, the Speed+ Awards presented by Volkswagen Group Components have continued to gain in importance. The number of participants has increased and become even more international. In addition, a further three brands from the Volkswagen Group participated with their component plants in the efficiency contest: Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA. Over 10,000 employees (8,000 last year) from 23 (19) plants in 11 (7) countries competed and learned from one another in a total of eight award categories.

The winners of the SPEED+ Awards presented by Volkswagen Group Components are:

Plant efficiency
1. Tianjin plant, China
2. Braunschweig plant, Germany
3. Dalian plant, China

Assembly efficiency
1. Puebla plant, Mexico
2. Braunschweig plant, Germany
3. São Carlos plant, Brazil

Shopfloor management
1. Braunschweig plant, Germany
2. Kassel plant, Germany
3. SITECH plant in Polkowice, Poland

Process excellence
1. SITECH plant in Wolfsburg, Germany
2. Poznán foundry, Poland
3. Kassel plant, Germany

Cost of tools
1. Tianjin plant, China
2. Dalian plant, China
3. Braunschweig plant, Germany

Lead time
1. Tianjin plant, China
2. SITECH plant in Polkowice, Poland
3. SITECH plant in Wolfsburg, Germany

1. SITECH plant in Polkowice, Poland
2. Motor Polska Polkowice plant, Poland
3. Poznán foundry, Poland

Kassel plant, Germany

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