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Cultural Initiative 'Volkswagen ART4ALL' Is Honored with Significant Award

  • The Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy at the Federation of German Industries e.V. annually presents the AKF-Award for outstanding and invaluable cultural engagement
  • 'Volkswagen ART4ALL' is a format that was developed together with Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin and has now also been launched at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
  • 'Volkswagen ART4ALL' offers free admission once a month to art and cultural experiences
  • Already the second award for this cultural initiative
Benita von Maltzahn, Director of Volkswagen Cultural Engagement, accepts the AKF-Award for the Volkswagen ART4ALL initiative tonight at a virtual conference.

During the digital meeting of the Working Group for Cultural Sponsoring (AKF – Arbeitskreis Kultursponsoring) within the Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy at the Federation of German Industries (Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V.) taking place this evening, Volkswagen will receive the AKF-Award for the format 'Volkswagen ART4ALL', honoring its successful and invaluable role in cultural engagement. Since April 2018, Volkswagen and Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin have not only been offering free admission between 4 and 8 pm every first Thursday of a month, but also enhanced by various artistic programs, workshops and guided tours, inviting everybody to participate in the cultural world. Starting in January 2020, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg has joined the format and offers its visitors free admission between 4 and 9 pm every last Wednesday of a month.

The AKF-Award is based on evaluation criteria such as cultural and social relevance, how creative the underlying concept is, sustainability and impact of the project as well as the level of risk-taking. Likewise, the innovative knowledge transfer between company, cultural institution, artists and general public were assessed.

Already in 2018 Volkswagen had received the Corporate Art Award in the European Parliament in Brussels, a part of the program 'Art Patrons of the XXI. Century': “We are pleased to have been honored again and feel that through the AKF-Award we as a company have been encouraged to continue shaping our social responsibility in the area of cultural engagement and cultural education. Together with our partners we strive to engage the general public with art in all its forms, after all, we see cultural engagement as an investment toward an open, vibrant and discursive society“, comments Benita von Maltzahn, Director of Volkswagen Cultural Engagement.

Udo Kittelmann, Director of Nationalgalerie -Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, agrees: “The social role of a museum is particularly linked to its educational capabilities providing visitors with inspiration and knowledge by realizing exhibitions, addressing creative subjects and presenting cultural practices. I would like to thank Volkswagen for the long-lasting partnership and the indispensable support of the 'Volkswagen ART4ALL'initiative, which continuously attracts a wide audience and has become a vital part of the program at Hamburger Bahnhof.” Dr. Andreas Beitin, the new director of Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, had been following the positive experience with free admission to a museum and together with his team suggested expanding the concept to include the museum in Wolfsburg. Since January, 'Volkswagen ART4ALL' has now also been launched in Wolfsburg.

Volkswagen Cultural Engagement
With the support of forward-looking initiatives and projects within the international world of arts and culture, Volkswagen underlines its corporate responsibility and invites people with many different social backgrounds to engage with creative ideas and perspectives. For Volkswagen creativity as fundamental for innovation and both are needed for a sustainable and successful business as well as a modern and progressive society.

Further Information is available at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vwgroupculture/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volkswagengroup_culture/

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