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Scania adapts organisation to meet new technology and business models – changes also in the Executive Board

With fast paced technology shifts and new business models in sight, Scania adapts both the industrial- and commercial parts of the organisation, as well as the business development, to be even more prepared for what the future brings.

The changes consist of merging Research and Development, Production and Logistics and Purchasing together into one strong organisation – Industrial Operations. This enables an extended focus on productivity and flow, and to be better prepared for the challenges in a transformative environment.

In the commercial organisation, the present sales and service network will merge with the company’s customer financing operations to respond to a higher level of integration in future customer solutions. This organisation is called Commercial Operations. 

A new unit has also been established; Mobility Solutions. This is a merger of Autonomous Solutions and LOTS Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Both are operations that already work with a more service based business model and other customers than the traditional buyers of heavy vehicles and services.

The new organisation comes into effect as from 7 May 2021.

“We take a giant leap on our transformation journey to adapt Scania to the future, and continue to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. We have done ground breaking changes before, such as our modularisation and flow optimisation. Now it’s time for yet another such step. We will focus even more on flexibility and a fast pace, but we also add a value stream-based flow mindset and an even greater focus on business development,” says Christian Levin, Scania President and CEO. 

“We continue our close dialogue with management to ensure the interest of our members and welcome that impacted employees now will be involved to form their new way of working”, says employee representatives Lisa Lorentzon (Akademikerföreningen), Mari Carlquist (Unionen), Michael Lyngsie (IF Metall) and Mikael Svalefors (Ledarna).

In conjunction with the new organisation, some changes will also apply to the Executive Board:

  • Anders Williamsson will be the Head of Scania’s industrial organisation – Industrial Operations. Williamsson is currently Executive Vice President and Head of Purchasing. 
  • Mats Gunnarsson becomes Head of Scania’s commercial business, Commercial Operations. Gunnarsson’s previous position was Executive Regional Director Americas, Commercial Operations.
  • Martin Lewerth is the Head of the new department Mobility Solutions. Lewerth started his new position on 1 April, 2021 and was previously the manager for LOTS Group. 

All new roles also carry the title Executive Vice President.

The Executive Board also consists of the following members who also carry the title Executive Vice President: 

  • Alexander Vlaskamp, Head of Sales and Marketing. 
  • Helle Bay, Head of People and Culture – the new name of the unit previously called Human Resources. 
  • Johan Haeggman, Chief Financial Officer.

“With different backgrounds and a value based leadership, this team and our new structure will enable our big Scania family to continue to be a strong partner to our customers,” Levin concludes.

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