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A Star is … Born

power consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 16.0–15.0; CO₂ emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+.

The number of new vehicle registrations is without doubt a barometer for the economic situation in a country. In Germany for example, the trend is a positive one overall – especially when it comes to electric vehicles. According to the German Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority, sales of electric vehicles were over 300 percent higher than in the same month of the previous year. At the same time, the share of business registrations has increased further. Conclusion: e-mobility is gaining ground – especially among company car drivers.

A new model from the unconventional challenger brand CUPRA is sure to play a part here. After all, the Spanish brand recently unveiled its first fully electric vehicle – the CUPRA Born. The progressive, compact e-vehicle impresses with an attractive choice of power outputs:

  • System power:
    110 kW (150 PS); power consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 15.0; CO2 emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+
    150 kW (204 PS); power consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 15.4; CO2 emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+
  • Maximum system power:
    Up to 170 kW (231 PS); power consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 16.0–15.7; CO2 emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+
  • Acceleration: 6.6 seconds (0 - 100 km/h)
  • Net battery capacity: From 45 to 58 kWh
  • Range: From 349 to 548 km1)

The CUPRA Born is an absolute game changer – not only for electrification but also for the entire market. With its sporty character and its impressive appearance, the CUPRA Born will help to reduce CO₂ emissions and meet the European climate targets.

Wayne Griffiths Chair of the Board of Management of SEAT and CEO of CUPRA
The design unmistakably features the DNA of CUPRA:
with the Born, company car drivers have a car which stands out from the crowd.

The design? Unconventional, emotional, refined
For Jorge Díez, Head Designer at SEAT and CUPRA, the CUPRA Born's design is multifaceted: “It emphasizes the CUPRA look and at the same time embodies the modernity of the highly developed electric drive.” It also underlines the strong CUPRA character, whose combination of flowing lines and technical details symbolizes agility and performance.


The car looks great on the outside and the inside too. The stylish interior of the CUPRA Born is specially designed to take full advantage of the benefits of digitalization. At the same time, the new model’s environmentally friendly core is reflected in the interior. The bucket seats which feature as standard were developed in partnership with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and are made from sustainable materials obtained from marine plastics. In addition to the bucket seats, the CUPRA steering wheel with satellite buttons and the centre console inside the CUPRA Born convey a feeling of comfort and sportiness – with the driver at the centre of everything.

Talking about the environment...
The CUPRA Born is CO2-neutral (net). This means that renewable energy sources are used along the supply chain and during raw materials production. Emissions from processes which cannot be made climate-neutral yet are balanced by environmental and project investments certified in accordance with the very highest standards.

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Status: 01.09.2021

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1)Electric range: CUPRA Born 110 kW (150 PS), 55 kWh: Up to 349; CUPRA Born 150 kW (204 PS), 62 kWh: Up to 427 km; CUPRA Born 170 kW (231 PS), 62 kWh: Up to 420 km; CUPRA Born 170 kW (231 PS), 82 kWh: Up to 548 km. Range determined on the chassis dynamometer according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) in the most range efficient equipment variants for the models mentioned. The actual WLTP range figures can vary depending on the vehicle's equipment. In practice, the actual range also varies depending on driving style, speed, use of comfort/ancillary features, ambient temperature, number of passengers/loading and topography.

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