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Volkswagen looks to the future at CES 2016

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Wolfsburg/Las Vegas (USA), January 6, 2016

Volkswagen presents the innovative concept BUDD-e, which is based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) and is the next big step for electric vehicles, at the CES in Las Vegas. The Chairman of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand, Dr. Herbert Diess, said in front of 2300 visitors to the show, that “the BUDD-e is a realistic trend setter”. With the innovative e-Golf Touch he also demonstrated the next generation of infotainment for large scale production with a new display and control concept, which includes gesture control and larger displays.

Volkswagen stays on course for innovation. The world premiere of the BUDD-e shows the next step towards the mobility of the future. Its newly developed electric drive enables a driving range of up to 533 kilometers (NEDC) / 233 Miles (EPA estimated real-world driving range). The all-wheel drive vehicle's system has a total power output of 235 kW/317 PS. With the batteries located in the vehicle floor, the concept permits entirely new, unrestricted forms of interior design. “We are developing completely new and unique vehicle concepts – especially designed for long-distance electromobility,” said Dr. Diess. The BUDD-e is a modern interpretation of the first Volkswagen bus. One of its highlights is the charging cycle. It is possible to charge the battery to 80 percent of its capacity within just around 30 minutes.  

The new star in Las Vegas – BUDD-e

The Volkswagen zero-emission van opens the window to 2019 BUDD-e gets the Internet of Things, and thus the whole world, on board

  • BUDD-e is the first concept car based on the new MEB Modular Electric Drive Kit
  • Interactive and networked world of infotainment opens a window to the year 2019

Ten key facts – The BUDD-e in keywords

  1. Zero-Emission-Van

    The zero-emission van is the first Volkswagen concept car based on the new Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB).

  2. Electric Four-Wheel Drive

    BUDD-e has electric four-wheel drive; the front electric motor produces 100 kW, while the rear motor produces 125 kW.

  3. Battery

    The energy content of the battery (92.4 kWh) enables a range of up to 233 miles (EPA estimated real-world driving range) or 533 kilometers (NEFZ).

  4. Human-Machine-Interface

    With the BUDD-e Volkswagen creates a new human-machine interface (HMI) as a pioneering instrument and operating concept.

  5. Interactive World

    The Active Info Display and head unit (infotainment system) merge into an interactive world.

  6. Internet of Things

    BUDD-e demonstrates the car in the Internet of Things. Smart Home allows you to access your home from the car.

  7. Start of Songs

    Using a tablet and the Volkswagen Travel App it is possible to program songs to start exactly at specific points on your route.

  8. Gesture Control 2.0

    Gesture control 2.0 allows the car to be operates intuitively. Even the doors can be opened with a gesture.

  9. New Touch System

    The multifunction steering wheel's new touch system corresponds with the HMI and makes operation more intuitive than ever before.

  10. Clean Design

    Clean design breathes the brand's history, while simultaneously setting its sights firmly on the immediate future.

Bringing gesture control to mass production cars:

The e-Golf Touch has some surprises in store with a new infotainment system of the next generation

  • Volkswagen will offer one of the world's first compact cars to feature gesture control
  • The new infotainment system has a configurable 9.2-inch home screen

Parallel to this, Volkswagen presented the e-Golf Touch, which is based on the production model. With its state-of-the-art
infotainment system the e-Golf Touch reflects one of the key  connectivity trends of the near future. Not only does the e-Golf Touch have innovative gesture control, it also features a further developed version of the Modular Infotainment Toolkit (MIB) with a 9.2-inch display. This touch display merges the operating worlds of smartphones and automobiles.

The future will also be characterized by automated driving. "It will be part of our everyday lives and will change mobility completely. Volkswagen has a lot of ideas how to use these cutting edge technologies and bring them to our customers", says Dr. Diess.

Ten Key Facts – e-Golf Touch / Infotainment News

  1. World Premiere

    Volkswagen presents the world premiere of the close-to-production version of a newly developed infotainment system generation.

  2. New Infotainment-Generation

    The top system of the new infotainment generation will also be launched with gesture control in compact cars.

  3. Infotainment System

    The infotainment system presented in the e-Golf Touch is – apart from a few details – already the system that is set to go into the future production model.

  4. High Resolution Touchscreen

    The new top system has a high resolution 9.2-inch touchscreen (1280 x 640 pixels) with a stylish glass surface.

  5. Home Screen

    The new top system's home screen can be configured,
 and the display content can be displayed in function tiles.

  6. Function Tiles

    These function tiles on the 9.2-inch screen can be configured to contain content on ten different themes (e.g. Music or Phone).

  7. Voice Control

    Volkswagen plans to launch a new voice control system with an improved control concept for the new Golf in the early summer.

  8. Easier Communication

    New "electronic voice amplification" will make it much easier to communicate with the passengers sitting in the back.

  9. Personalization

    In future, it will be possible to save the personalization of a Volkswagen in the cloud and thus transfer it to other cars.

  10. Smartphone Notification

    Smartphone notifications will also make it possible to read and reply to SMSs while driving.