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The Global Community of Think Tanks

The future of mobility is being created near the Golden Gate Bridge, at the Brandenburg Gate and in the vicinity of the Forbidden City: San Francisco, Berlin and Beijing are among the places where Volkswagen Group experts are tackling the challenges of the digital world. At 37 competence centers and IT labs throughout the world, they are developing autonomous vehicles, new mobility services and tailor-made software solutions.

The competence centers and labs are operated by the Volkswagen Group or individual Group brands and are forging ahead in key future-oriented areas such as artificial intelligence, connectivity, virtual reality or mobility on demand. In developing the new technologies, the specialists also cooperate with external partners from other companies, the start-up scene, universities and research institutes. More than 2,000 experts are already working in the labs and competence centers today. Many of these facilities continue to grow.

“We are grasping the opportunities offered by digitalization and pushing the transformation of mobility forward. Our competence centers and IT labs play a key role. This is where we develop tailor-made solutions that will thrill our customers.”

Matthias Müller CEO

One of the most recent addition to the think tank family is the Metropolis:Lab Barcelona. Cooperation between Group brand SEAT and the Catalonian metropolis was inaugurated at a ceremony in December. The major Spanish city with its 1.6 million inhabitants already places considerable value on safety and zero-emission driving – and is therefore an ideal partner. “Barcelona is recognized as an innovative city throughout the world. The Metropolis:Lab will be our contribution to promoting the development of the city and growing with it,” says SEAT President Luca de Meo.

When the lab opens this year, the specialists at the Metropolis:Lab will start working on concepts connected with high-performance intelligent mobility and developing apps. The future of mobility is now being created on the Mediterranean coast, too.

Competence centers and IT labs within the Volkswagen Group

– existing and planned –

Code:Lab Air Office San Francisco
Future Center California Electronics Research Lab Belmont
Metropolis:Lab Barcelona Barcelona
Collect Car B.V. (Greenwheels) Rotterdam
ITRL Digital Demo Stockholm Stockholm
Siehe Deutschland-Grafik Deutschland
Digi Lab Prague
Future Center Asia Volkswagen R&D Center China Beijing
Volkswagen Technical Representative Tokyo Tokyo
Volkswagen Group Research Lab China Shanghai
Volkswagen Infotainment GmbH Bochum
Mobile Online Services / Transport Solutions Hanover
Euromobil Autovermietung Isernhagen
Ideation:Hub, Smart:Production Lab Virtual:Engineering Lab, Carmeq Wolfsburg
Carmobility Brunswick
EURO-Leasing GmbH Sittensen
Future Center Potsdam Potsdam
Start-up Incubator Center of Future Mobility Dresden
Parking services incl. Mobile payment Erlangen
Audi Electronics Venture Gaimersheim
Data:Lab Audi Business Innovation Munich
Porsche Digital GmbH Ludwigsburg
Digital:Lab, Porsche Digital Lab, MOIA Carmeq, Ideation:Hub, TN!O Berlin

Competence centers and IT labs within the Volkswagen Group in detail

– existing and planned –

  • Germany

    Entity name
    Core target / responsibility
    MOIA Berlin Offering mobility services with direct customer access Volkswagen Group
    Future Center Potsdam Potsdam Develops and tests concepts for the individual mobility of the future
    Volkswagen Group
    Ideation:Hub Wolfsburg/Berlin Works as incubator and start-up gate, nucleus of innovation
    Volkswagen Group
    Digital:Lab Berlin Agile software development and digital platform development
    Volkswagen Group
    Data:Lab Munich Advanced Data Analytics, applied AI (Machine Learning) and AI Research Volkswagen Group
    Volkswagen Infotainment GmbH Bochum Car Connectivity solutions, e.g. Car-2-X, Car-2-Car Communication
    Volkswagen Group
    Smart:Production Lab Wolfsburg IT-solutions for a connected production, production platform 4.0, smart factory
    Volkswagen Group
    Virtual:Engeneering Lab Wolfsburg IT‐solutions for the digitalization of engineering processes, virtual concept car
    Volkswagen Group
    Carmeq GmbH Berlin, Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt
    Software-, Function-, Method-, Process-Development and Project-Management for VW
    Autovision GmbH
    Think New! Organization (TN!O)
    Wolfsburg / Berlin Build of VW customer ecosystem and innovative value added mobility services Volkswagen PKW
    Start-up Incubator Dresden Works as incubator and start-up gate Volkswagen PKW
    Center of Future Mobility Dresden Digitalization of Mobility Volkswagen PKW
    Audi Electronics Venture GmbH (AEV)
    Gaimersheim Pre-development, software development, technology scouting, venturing to shape the future of mobility, support of new technology companies, generate innovations to get ready for market Audi AG
    Audi Business Innovation GmbH (ABI) Munich Development, setup, sales and operations of digital products and necessary IT architecture; innovative concepts, products and services and cooperation management within new mobility sector and digitalization
    Audi AG
    Sunhill technologies GmbH Erlangen Parking services incl. Mobile payment Volkswagen Financial Services AG
    Digital Unit Berlin Digitalization of core business Volkswagen Financial Services AG
    Carmobility Brunswick Fleet management und fuel cards Volkswagen Financial Services AG
    EURO-Leasing GmbH Sittensen Truck rental Volkswagen Financial Services AG
    Euromobil Autovermietung Isernhagen Provision of car rental and car-on-demand-services Volkswagen Financial Services AG
    Porsche Digital Lab Berlin Identification and testing of innovative information technology solutions
    Porsche AG
    Porsche Digital GmbH Ludwigsburg Identification and further development of digital customer experiences, products and business areas
    Porsche AG
    Mobile Online Services / Transport Solutions Hanover Generation, realization and operation of commercial mobile online services and vehicle related transport solutions
    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
    RIO incl. X-Lab Munich Pre‐development & innovation of services for the transportation ecosystem; RIO platform and Digital Services; Business Model with Partners; OEM digital Services
    RIO - A brand of VW T&B
    Loadfox GmbH Munich To make work easier for carriers; To significantly reduce empty space in European truck rides
    MAN Truck & Bus AG
    Audi Denkwerkstatt Berlin Co-working with start-ups to create solutions for future premium urban mobility AUDI AG
  • Holland

    Entity name Based
    Core target / responsibility
    Collect Car B.V. (Greenwheels)
    Volkswagen Financial Services AG
  • Czech Republic

    Entity name Based
    Core target / responsibility
    Digi Lab
    Build an agile platform to grow innovative business models to improve customer experience
    SKODA a.s.
  • Spain

    Entity name Based
    Core target / responsibility

    Metropolis:Lab Barcelona


    Barcelona Leveraging Barcelona's smart city data for SEAT and the VW Group
    SEAT S.A.
  • Sweden

    Entity name Based
    Core target / responsibility
    Joint research projects by Scania, Ericsson, KTH and several additional parties
    Scania AB
    Digital Demo Stockholm + ABC City Stockholm Develops full sustainable city solutions with partners to create sustainable (green/ fossil free) cities Scania AB
  • USA

    Entity name Based
    Core target / responsibility

    Future Center California


    Focussed on customer experience, interface design, operating logic, new interior concepts, infotainment and entertainment
    Volkswagen Group
    Code:Lab San Francisco Silicon Valley startup‐scouting, digital retail solutions Volkswagen Group
    Electronics Research Lab (ERL) Belmont New technologies and concepts for digital customer ecosystem including vehicles, dig. platforms & new services (Mission: Always strive for the best customer experience by enriching their digital mobile life)
    Volkswagen Group of America
    Air Office (Audi Innovation Research) San Francisco Works at the interface between technology, design and mobility. The focus is on topics such as networking, big data, digitalization and artificial intelligence Audi AG
  • China

    Entity name Based
    Core target / responsibility

    Future Center Asia


    Focused on digitalization and future mobility. Strategic investment will allow solutions from China to be trensferred to the global market
    Volkswagen Group
    Volkswagen Group Research Lab China (VRC) Shanghai Scouting activities to detect technical trends Volkswagen Group China
    Volkswagen R&D Center China Beijing Development of navigation and multimedial solutions for China, Japan, Korea and other Asian markets Audi AG
  • Japan

    Entity name Based
    Core target / responsibility
    Volkswagen Group Technical Representative Tokyo (VTT)
    Future technology & materials scouting and research
    Volkswagen Group

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