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Commitment to Europe

“The Volkswagen Group is a truly European company: with 12 brands from seven EU countries, 71 production locations and 420,000 employees on the Continent. But for me, Europe is much more than just a big economic area: 

Europe stands for values, for freedom, for democracy, for peace.

At a time when protectionism is calling the foundations of the world order into question, as Europeans we must act to counter these centrifugal forces. We should do all we can to make sure Europe remains a powerhouse: a union of independent states that takes its rightful place in the world. That empowers people to live in freedom and prosperity as part of society. That advocates international collaboration with free and fair competition. And that fights for a global community based on the strength of law and not the law of the strongest.”

Matthias Müller

Download full text: Commitment to Europe