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Urban Mobility is child's play: the SEDRIC School Bus

The Volkswagen Group presents the SEDRIC School Bus (1) as part of the Group Night at the Geneva Motor Show and shows that the urban mobility of the future will be sustainable, safe, simple and comfortable. We show exclusive preview photos.

After a leisurely breakfast, (Middle schoolers) Luca and Emma put on their jackets, grab their backpacks and skateboards, leave the house and drive to school on their own. Not in a taxi, not on the public bus or the subway – but with an autonomous school bus that also brings their classmates safely to their destination.

This scenario is no utopia, but could soon become reality. The SEDRIC school bus – the latest version of a mobility concept for fully autonomous driving – is one of the main attractions at Volkswagen Group Night at Geneva this year. The motto "Shaping the Future. Urban Mobility ". We are showing photos of the spectacular concept vehicle for the first time.

SEDRIC1 was presented to the public for the first time at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and serves as a cross-brand concept platform for fully autonomous driving. Since then, significant progress has been made in the areas of design, user experience, safety and comfort, in the development of the self-driving system, for example or in the systems for environment detection and traffic data analysis.

„Shaping the Future. Urban Mobility“

The SEDRIC family increases overall mobility

The newest evolution of the SEDRIC shown at the Volkswagen Group Night Geneva illustrates a demand for mobility that is simultaneously universal, individual and available for all. With the exterior and interior designed as a U.S. school bus, the SElf DRIving car presents itself as the ideal means of transport for the youngest generation. With the OneButton control, SEDRIC provides passengers with the option to summon an autonomous electric vehicle to transport them comfortable from one place to the next. Getting to school becomes safe, simple – and fun as well.

SEDRIC School Bus: The Urban Shuttle can drive children to school.

Monolithic proportions, solid body columns and a general feel of spaciousness emphasize the inviting character of the SEDRIC school bus. Eye-catching yellow and black paint with stylized graffiti serve as indication of a driving experience that can be enjoyed without a driver’s license. In the interior, the youthful look continues: aluminum boxes with stickers adorn the base of two of the four seats. The large-format OLED screen in place of the front screen offers on-board entertainment compatible with the target group.

SEDRIC School Bus: Kids and teenagers are transported to school – sustainable, secure and easy to use.

"Our team is already working on other members of the SEDRIC family," says Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen AG. Planned are a sports car, touring coaches and self-driving trucks. The concept vehicles are suitable for travel services, private use and for the transport of goods. What they all have in common is that they can be summoned at the touch of a button, find their own war through traffic and function autonomously – without a driver.

Autonomous cars such as the SEDRIC and SEDRIC school bus offer numerous advantages: They produce zero emissions and are seldomly involved in accidents as human error is ruled out. They also improve the overall parking situation, as all members of the SEDRIC family drive to a collection point as soon as they are no longer needed. "In doing so, they make a major contribution to society by providing individual mobility for the blind, elderly and sick as well as children," says Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of the Volkswagen Group.

1) The near-production concept car has not yet gone on sale and therefore Directive 1999/94 does not apply

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