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“The Future Starts Here”: Video tour of the exhibition

Marking the midpoint of “The Future Starts Here”, curators Mariana Pestana and Rory Hyde take you on a video tour through the exhibition in London.

What will our lives be like in the future? And what ideas and visions are being generated by artists, designers, scientists, and mobility experts to help shape our lives? “The Future Starts Here” is an exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum that opened on May 12, 2018. It offers intriguing insights into technological progress, ways of designing our living spaces, and creative approaches to interacting with them. Supported by the Volkswagen Group, the exhibition has been enthusiastically received by visitors and journalists alike right from the start. The Guardian, for example, praised the “intelligent, well-presented and quietly provocative exhibition” while noting its “refreshingly hopeful” perspective, and the Financial Times called it an “unusual, uneven, but wide-ranging design show”.

During preparations for the show, a creative dialogue arose between the co-curators  Mariana Pestana and Rory Hyde and experts at the Volkswagen Group’s Future Center Europe in Potsdam. To mark the midpoint of the exhibition, which can be seen until November 4, 2018, curators Mariana Pestana and Rory Hyde present their personal highlights in a video tour of the show.

The video tour:

with Mariana Pestana
SEDRIC* concept car
with Rory Hyde

The exhibition focuses on the cultural potential found in new technologies and ways of shaping the future. Among other things, visitors have their first opportunity to sit in a SEDRIC* concept car and get an idea of how it interacts with passengers. In London, for the first time, exhibition visitors gain an insight into different communication scenarios between humans and machines, and thus a direct impression of the new horizons being opened up by these technologies.

Would you like to know more about the exhibition?

Listen to Esra Aydin, Spokesperson Global Cultural Engagement at Volkswagen AG, talking to Mariana Pestana and Rory Hyde on a podcast from Volkswagen Group Culture. Subscribe to the podcast for regular glimpses behind the scenes of cultural events, and be sure to let us know what you think. Here is the latest podcast with the curators:


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