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Into pole position with “Faculty 73”


Volkswagen AG is now training its own new generation of IT experts. Interested applicants with “IT passion” from both inside and outside of the Group can apply until November 4. In spring 2019, the first 100 participants will start with the innovative “Faculty 73” program, a two-year course culminating in a junior software developer qualification. In 2021, the future co-workers will then be in pole position to launch their careers in a promising field. In addition, they will be given contracts for permanent employment at Volkswagen.

HR Board Member Gunnar Killian explains the "Faculty 73" initiative to journalists.

“Why don’t you just ‘bake’ your dream partner yourself?” Everyone in Germany is probably well acquainted with this snappy saying. The Volkswagen Group is making what comes across so casually in conversation a reality. They are training their own software developers. Why are they doing this? The market has been swept clean of candidates, and demand will be growing enormously over the next few years. In 2020 alone there will be a need for 750,000 specialists in information and communications technologies across Europe – and this trend is set to continue.

According to HR board member Gunnar Kilian, “The industry will be needing more software developers in the next few years than the labor market and educational institutions can provide. The Volkswagen Group is making an effective contribution towards closing this gap with our “Faculty 73” qualification program.”


The “Faculty 73” program is geared to in-house employees as well as external IT talents, people who have broken off higher education courses, and people who have training in other fields with basic IT knowledge. An academic degree is not required. Knowledge of English and programming skills are desirable, but not prerequisites. The one and only important requirement is a passion for software and IT. The final deadline for filing applications is November 4. The application period ends that week and will not be extended.

The training course will begin for the first 100 participants already in spring 2019. They will become highly qualified: in two condensed modules, the future employees will acquire all the necessary building blocks for a successful career:

  • Programming in Java
  • Mathematics for software developers
  • The basics of technical and theoretical informatics
  • English for software developers
  • Project and time management
  • Computer networks, databases
  • Real time data processing
  • Mobile app programming
  • Qualification projects
Participants without a vocational or academic qualification will subsequently participate in an additional 12-month training period leading to certification as an IT specialist from the IHK (German Chamber of Commerce).

All “Faculty 73” graduates will have top-notch employment prospects. After an intensive qualifying process, Volkswagen will hire the successful participants from the first group as permanent employees in early 2021. They will receive a certificate from AutoUni and then become part of the permanent workforce. More courses of study are currently being planned. In addition to their qualification, the participants will get a job in one of Volkswagen’s future-oriented areas. In this way, the company gains custom-taught, qualified software developers, which they have essentially “baked” themselves.