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“Give it a Try!”

The Volkswagen Group opened its Konnect campus in Tel Aviv in late May. Director Stephanie Vox explains why this Israeli city is considered a hot spot for tech start-ups in the mobility sector, how the Volkswagen Group benefits, and what role Konnect plays.

Since May of this year, the Konnect innovation campus has been working with Volkswagen Group brands to develop future-oriented mobility solutions and to scout for innovative technologies and new business ideas in the tech scene of this Mediterranean city. The team led by Stephanie Vox brings Volkswagen Group brands together with Israeli start-ups, introduces new technologies from the Israeli market and initiates innovative projects of special value to brands in the Volkswagen Group.

But what is it about Tel Aviv that is making it a boomtown for start-ups in the fields of connectivity, smart navigation, cybersecurity, e-mobility and big data? And why is Konnect, which fosters collaboration with start-ups and local partners, so important for the Volkswagen Group?

Stephanie Vox on the 48th floor of Tel Aviv’s Midtown Office Tower.

We met with Stephanie Vox, Managing Director of Konnect with the Volkswagen Group Ltd., at her office in Tel Aviv. In our video series “Three good reasons,” she explains how her campus offers additional value to the Volkswagen Group’s brands, what the secret to success is behind Tel Aviv’s tech boom, and how contact with the local start-up scene can also benefit the Volkswagen Group’s cultural transformation. Our extensive feature story about the Konnect campus in Tel Aviv is coming soon on this website.