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"A further phase of uncertainty"

The negotiations on Brexit in the UK also have an impact on other European countries and industry. Volkswagen comments on current developments:

„We are keeping a very close eye on developments and reviewing the entire spectrum of possible effects. We have noted with regret the outcome of the vote in the House of Commons. For us, this means a further period of insecurity and planning uncertainty.

In light of the current difficult situation we continue to prepare for all eventualities. Like the rest of the industrial sector, we need comprehensive clarity on the shape of future relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union very quickly. Any further delay in the Brexit decision-making process poses a risk to investments and jobs in the automotive industry which relies on long-term planning security with development cycles of up to five years. We can only appeal to all the parties involved to use the time gained to negotiate a solution acceptable to all stakeholders.

For the automotive industry, open market access and clear customs processes have priority in order to avoid any negative impact on just-in-time production and our European supply chains. Irrespective of this, the United Kingdom will remain an important market for the Volkswagen Group, the second largest in Europe, as well as an important production and investment location through the Group’s British brand, Bentley Motors.”

Volkswagen Facts on Great Britain

  1. Market in Great Britain:

    Volkswagen Group delivered 553.100 cars to customers in 2018. That’s 5.1 percent of the worldwide deliveries. Great Britain is the second largest market for Volkswagen Group in Europe. Biggest is Germany.

  2. Bentley:

    The Bentley Motors headquarters has been based in Crewe for over 75 years, being part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998. Bentley designs and manufacturers over 10,000 luxury cars every years, delivering them to customers throughout the world.

  3. Measures:

    “There will be no operational chaos”, says Christian Dahlheim, Head of Group Sales. Volkswagen Group has adjusted storage arrangements and operating processes, is coordinating with customs authorities and offering price protection for customers in the event of disruptions.

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