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“An electric Porsche drives just as sporty as any other Porsche”

Interview with Simon Vogt

Electromobility is the dominant theme of the Geneva Motor Show. At the Volkswagen Group Night, Porsche presented the Panamera Sport Turismo with hybrid drive and charging station for example. In an interview, Simon Vogt (E-Services - Sales & Operations) explains how the sports car manufacturer sees "refueling" in the electric age.

In addition to traditional sports cars, you presented your charging solutions for electric cars in Geneva. What is so special about planning e-mobility for Porsche drivers?

Quality is our top priority. This means that anyone who buys an electric or hybrid model from Porsche is offered a seamless and reliable charging experience and does not have to worry about charging. Everything is prepared. As soon as the customer wants it, the navigation system reliably guides them to a suitable charging station. There he simply inserts the plug and charges the desired range. Thanks to Plug and Charge, tiresome authentication processes are a thing of the past. Payment is also made automatically via the Porsche Charging Service.

How does it work?

Put simply: car and charging station recognize each other as soon as the charging plug is inserted. The electricity price is also fixed, so that the amount due is simply debited from the customer's personal account. In principle, all drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles can charge via the Porsche Charging Service.

Why are simple charging solutions so important?

Drivers today are accustomed to refueling with either petrol or diesel. This is a process that has been tried and tested millions of times and almost always works reliably. We also have to offer this reliability in our electric models. This is especially true for the Taycan, which is the first pure electric car on the road.

Simon Vogt from the E-Services - Sales & Operations division at Porsche. He says: "If you buy an electric or hybrid model, you don't have to worry about charging."

However, reliability is of little use if the next charging station is far away...

That's right. That's why we focus not only on quality, but also on quantity. The Porsche Charging Service already has almost 50,000 charging stations available in Europe. By the time the Taycan is launched on the market, there should be more than 80,000 charging stations in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan. We will also offer a dense network of charging stations in China.

As with combustion engines, the faster you drive, the shorter the range. Where is the driving pleasure - especially with a Porsche?

First of all, the car itself brings the fun aspect. The Taycan looks and feels like a Porsche – only it has a different drive. With optimum drive technology and the right vehicle concept, the Porsche characteristics can be exploited even further through its electric models. For example, the center of gravity of the Taycan is lower than that of the 911, thanks to the underbody battery. Therefore, an electric Porsche is at least as sporty as a combustion engine. As far as charging is concerned, we offer the Turbo Charging Planner. The navigation system calculates the route in such a way that charging stops optimally match the driving style.

Waiting times whilst charging is a big worry. What role does fast charging play for Porsche?

We use an 800-volt architecture for the Taycan. This means that four to five minutes are enough to achieve a new range of 100 kilometers. Together with other automobile manufacturers, we are also setting up a fast-charging system comprising of 400 charging stations along the major European transport highways through the joint venture IONITY, by the beginning of 2020. In the United States, our customers will have access to the local fast-charging network via the "Electrify America" network. We therefore ensure that Porsche drivers can quickly gain additional range on the road – and continue to drive in a sporty manner. The most common situation however, will be charging at home. With the "Porsche Mobile Charger Connect" one can conveniently charge the Taycan with up to 22kW overnight – and start the following day with a full range of over 500 kilometers NEDC.