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Build your own vehicle!

In Hanover, Volkswagen Group is presenting a futuristic modular concept, thanks to the MEB platform: With “Build on Volkswagen”, customers will be able to design the interiors of their mobile transport solutions as they wish, themselves.

Our Video about “Build on Volkswagen”

From the mobile charging station, to the mobile doctor's practice, to the mobile shopping experience just like in a large city: under the motto “Build on Volkswagen”, Volkswagen Group presented its vision of tomorrow's mobility at the Hanover Trade Fair 2019. In future, customers will be able to create a variety of different spaces for their mobile transport solutions on the basis of a standardized Volkswagen e-platform. The MEB, Volkswagen's Modular Electrification Toolkit, forms the basis for this.

  • Hanover, Hall 27, Stand H61

    At stand H61 in Hall 27, the Volkswagen Group will be using an interactive touchscreen configurator and four different multivariable shells – also known as PODs – to show what the MEB, as a basic platform open to third-party suppliers, has to offer in terms of creative design options. Thanks to its modular and scalable design, MEB can be used to develop any kind of concept. Countless creative business ideas can be developed by third-party providers, who can launch their very own business models on the basis of the platform. In emergencies, for example, Health Care PODs with integrated diagnostic chair and diagnostic monitor could provide the necessary initial care. Or users could send retail PODs to locations of their choice to measure their body and order clothes. The new platform will give them all the freedom they need.

The integration of digital technologies should not only satisfy the personal needs of users however. The Volkswagen Group is also interested in bringing mobility to more rural areas. Users would be able to download an app at home where it would be possible to order an autonomous and mobile retail, or barista-bar POD, on demand at the touch of a button. You go wherever you are needed.

The importance of individualized and personalized platform concepts for the infrastructure is also evident in the area of energy and grid supply. For example, a major event: an Energy POD could be offered as a mobile charging station and at the same time provide a mobile network in 5G quality.

By opening the MEB platform to a broad user community, Volkswagen Group wants to show that electric mobility cannot be initiated entirely by the Volkswagen Group alone, but that it also needs a broad range of industrial and business applications. At the Hanover Trade Fair, visitors can experience research approaches and innovative ideas associated with the "Build on Volkswagen" concept up close and personal on simulators until 5 April.