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Floating instruments in the lounge at full speed

Floating instruments in the lounge at full speed

Four world premieres at once: On the eve of the Auto Shanghai, the Volkswagen Group offers an impressive glimpse into the future of electromobility.

The unmistakable star of the evening: The ID. ROOMZZ

The curiosity is immense. About 700 journalists came from all over the world. The stage is even bigger. And the surprises were a great success, too. Volkswagen presented an incredible four world premieres in a single evening, on the eve of the Auto Shanghai. “That’s not normal,” says marketing chief Jürgen Stackmann, his face beaming. “I can’t remember ever experiencing a night like this.”

On their way to the presentation, the guests walk through an urban garden in the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. Six SUV models are on display. That’s the present. After the show, there will be eleven. And soon, there will be twelve. That’s the future.

As it’s common for the star of the evening, he takes the stage at the end. The ID. ROOMZZ1. Accompanied by loud, futuristic beats, the sixth and latest member of the ID. Family rolls out in front of enormous projection screens.

“As a large SUV, it is the next model in our lineup and represents the transformation of our company. The ID. ROOMZZ will be our flagship electric SUV,” says CEO Herbert Diess, as he presents the zero-emission SUV.

Completely new Seating Configuration

The ID. ROOMZZ offers a completely new interior space concept

Hovering gauges, a completely new space concept and electric all-wheel drive. That’s the ID. ROOMZZ. It combines the future IQ.DRIVE systems, which contains all intelligent assistance systems currently available for driving, parking and greater safety as well as for innovations being developed by Volkswagen to allow automated driving up to level 5 (fully autonomous driving without a driver) in the future.

The ID. ROOMZZ makes it possible to operate autonomously and without an active driver – in “ID. Pilot” mode. In this mode, the seats can be turned by 25 degrees, thereby converting the car’s interior into a lounge.

The electric range is 450 kilometers, according to the WLTP cycle. This way, the SUV meets the needs of families and businesses alike. Using a 150 kW (DC) rapid charging system, the concept car can be charged to 80 percent capacity in a mere 30 minutes

The production version of this SUV in the five-meter category will come to market in 2021. And China will be first, not only because it’s the world’s most important automotive market. But also because, “…China is the only large economy in the world with a clear plan to establish electro-mobility as the new standard,” says Herbert Diess.

“This car will be a huge success. We already know that now,” says Jürgen Stackmann. “It is the peak of the iceberg for the future, because it combines two mega-trends in one car, by having an electric drive and by being an SUV. It’s totally an everyday car.”

The Sport Multi-Purpose Vehicle (SMV) defines a new class

Chief designer, Klaus Bischoff, presenting an SMV concept³

Before the ID. ROOMZZ, two exciting concept cars took the stage in Shanghai. A luxurious SUV coupé2 and a large SUV in the form of an SMV3.

“It’s a play on words and stands for Sport Multi-Purpose Vehicle,” explains design chief, Klaus Bischoff.

“It’s about attracting buyers with something special and unique. A large SUV with an A-pillar that stretches far into the front, thereby expanding the cabin space. Sitting in this car will make people feel very superior.”

Much sooner than the concept cars, the fourth world premiere of this evening will appear on China’s roads: the Teramont X4. The high-end variant of the successful Teramont will come to market this summer. Just before the SUV night, the T-Cross5 had celebrated its premiere as the seventh SUV for the Chinese market. The SUV portfolio of the Volkswagen brand will double in size over the next two years and will then include twelve models.  


This is how Volkswagen reinvents itself in China

Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO of the Volkswagen brand in China, on stage at the SUV night

“We can’t state often enough: Volkswagen is reinventing itself. We will become even more adventurous with the design and body styles of our cars, while at the same time bringing exciting technology and a choice of new energy vehicles. Volkswagen has always been a strong brand in China, but with the new lineup we are showing that the best is yet to come,” promises Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO of the Volkswagen brand in China.

With the SUV night, Volkswagen covers a huge chunk of time, from history to present to future. Very close to Shanghai, in Anting, Volkswagen built its first factory in China. Starting in 2020, this factory will churn out electric vehicles based on the modular electric drive matrix, or MEB.

After their presentation, the new models quickly leave the stage and regroup in the garden. Side by side, there are eleven of the twelve models, which will soon appear on China’s roads. But there is one more world premiere to look forward to.

Consumption value

1 ID. ROOMZZ: Concept car
2 SUV Coupé: Concept car
3 SMV: Concept car
4 Teramont X:The vehicle is not offered for sale in Europe.
5 T-Cross: The vehicle is not offered for sale in Europe.

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