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“E-mobility is becoming Available to the Masses”

Interview with Jürgen Stackmann

With its new electric models, Volkswagen is taking a new path in sales as well: customers can now pre-book the special edition of the ID.3* – a full year before its market launch. In our interview, Board Member for Sales Jürgen Stackmann talks about e-mobility that is suitable for daily use, sales targets and the start of a new era.

Before we start talking about pre-booking, Mr. Stackmann. Today you also announced the name of the ID., ID.3. What is behind this name?

ID. will be the name of all members of our ID. family. ID. stands for intelligent design, identity and visionary technologies. ID. is not an abbreviation for a specific term, but stands symbolically for the characteristics that these vehicles combine: emission-free, automated driving, intuitive operation and personalized connectivity. The 3 in the ID.3 stands for compact class, this number identifies this segment in the internal project nomenclature of all Volkswagen Group brands. You can also see on the 3: We start from the middle. The number indicates expandability, there is still plenty of room to move upwards, but also downwards. Because we still have a lot in the pipeline. In addition, after Käfer and Golf, the ID.3 is now the third big chapter for Volkswagen.

Pre-booking even before the world premiere – for Volkswagen, this concept is as new as the ID.3 itself. Why are you taking this path?

For us, the ID.3 is something very special – the first electric car of a new generation, one that will help us to make e-mobility both suitable for daily use and affordable. A new era is now beginning for Volkswagen. The pre-booking makes this transformation tangible for our customers for the first time. This is the start. Anyone who wants to switch to an electric car has the opportunity to do so now – even in the volume market. We are looking forward to seeing how our customers will react.

How much demand are you expecting?

Our markets have reported a lot of interest, which is why we are offering pre-booking in 29 European markets. We have created a special edition just for this: the ID.3 1ST. Great configured and exclusively limited to 30,000 vehicles, we plan to deliver an average of 100,000 ID.3s to customers – perhaps even more.

Pre-bookers have to pay a deposit of 1,000 euros for the booking but can’t use their new car until next year. Why should they do this?

Pre-bookers will be the first to drive and experience the ID.3 themselves, which makes them trailblazers of a new movement. They will receive regular up-to-date information about e-mobility and invitations to exclusive events. In terms of equipment, a variety of features will make the special edition stands out from the later standard vehicle. In addition, pre-bookers will save money when tanking up: Volkswagen will be offering them the free charging of up to 2,000 kWh electricity for one year. This offer will be valid at all public charging stations connected to the Volkswagen WeCharge app, as well as to the Europe-wide quick charging network IONITY.

“Pre-bookers will be the first to drive and experience the ID.3 themselves, which makes them trailblazers of a new movement.”

Jürgen Stackmann Board Member for Sales at the Volkswagen brand

Until now, there has been a shortage of charging possibilities in many locations. Are the new electric cars coming too early?

No. Through our new subsidiary “Elli”, Volkswagen will soon be offering affordable “Volks-wallboxes” for charging at home. In addition, we are working intensively on improving the charging options on the road – for example, outside supermarkets or big-box furniture stores, or at Volkswagen dealerships. Together with other car manufacturers, we are also building up a network of 400 quick charging parks along the European highways within the framework of IONITY. However, none of this will suffice to bring about a breakthrough for e-mobility. We need the support of politicians and other stakeholders, including for developing the charging infrastructure.

In Germany, the discussion about the climate-friendliness of electric cars has just started up again. What contribution does the ID.3 make to climate protection?

In production, including the supply chain, we have ensured that the ID.3 will be delivered to the customers with a neutral carbon footprint. This makes us pioneers in our industry. We are achieving this by means of high energy efficiency and the use of clean electricity. We compensate unavoidable emissions with certified climate projects, for example investment in forest protection or in reforestation. After purchase, the customer decides what happens next: those who wish it, can purchase CO₂-free Volkswagen green electricity from “Elli”. This means that driving the ID.3 is climate-neutral in the use phase as well.

How far can you travel on one battery charge?

For the special edition, we chose the configuration and battery that will be the most popular according to our market analyses and customer surveys. All models in the special edition are therefore equipped with a standardized range of 420 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. Generally, the battery system of our ID. family is very flexible, allowing us to offer the ID.3 in three different battery sizes and ranges of 330 to 550 kilometers according to WLTP.

Volkswagen gave the go-ahead for pre-booking in Berlin. “Like the Golf, the ID.3 is to become the benchmark for competitors, suitable for everyday use, fully connected, with a new sense of space and cool design. In addition, an acceleration that gives you goose pimples,” says Board Member for Sales Jürgen Stackmann.

How realistic are such values?

The range in everyday use is also dependent on temperatures and driving behavior – that’s simple physics. That’s why we will always indicate a realistic practical range in addition to the WLTP value, which will cover more than 80 percent of usual driving and travel habits. For the 58 kWh battery, which most customers will prefer, this means a range of 300 to 420 kilometers. Thanks to its standard fast charging function with a rating of 100 kW, the ID.3 with this battery variant will take on the energy needed for at least 260 km (WLTP) during a 30 minute coffee break.

How affordable are the new electric cars?

For the ID.3, the starting price of the standard model in Germany will be under 30,000 euros, as promised. The special edition will cost less than 40,000 euros in Germany. At these prices, the car is also economically viable. The purchasing costs are slightly higher than those of a combustion vehicle, but the e-vehicle is considerably more economical in terms of maintenance, for example about 30 percent in terms of maintenance. This means electric mobility is becoming available to the masses. In addition, customers can use a state subsidy for electric cars in many countries.

You view the ID.3 as being on the same level as the Beetle and Golf. Is that not setting your sights too high?

ID.3 is the third major chapter of strategic importance in the history of our brand after Käfer and Golf, with which Volkswagen first made individual mass mobility possible worldwide and then democratised the highest quality and modern technologies. Like the Golf, the ID.3 is to become the benchmark for competitors, suitable for everyday use, fully connected, with a new sense of space and cool design. And there's an acceleration that gives you goose pimples. The ID.3 is a real game changer.

  • Special edition: “Keep it simple”

    The ID.3 1ST special edition is available in four colors and three versions. All three come with large wheel rims and extensive equipment:

    • The ID.3 1ST offers a wide range of convenience features such as voice control and navigation system.
    • The ID.3 1ST Plus comes with additional IQ Light and a bi-color design for the interior and exterior.
    • The ID.3 1ST Max is packed full of innovations. Particularly cool features are the augmented reality head-up display in the windshield and the large panoramic glass roof.
    • Portal for the ID.3 1ST edition: www.volkswagen.com/id-prebooking

Fuel consumption

* This vehicle is not yet for sale.

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