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Why we vote for Europe

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” This applies both to the European Union and to the Volkswagen Group and its employees. Here you can find out what Volkswagen Group employees think about the EU and the upcoming European elections.

One continent, two success stories: Volkswagen, which with the Beetle became the symbol of the German economic miracle and today, with 69 production plants throughout Europe, is the largest automobile group on the continent. The European Union, which started out as the European Coal and Steel Community, has ensured peace and prosperity for almost 70 years now.

As with the first European elections in 1979, the Volkswagen Group is calling to vote in the forthcoming elections from 23 to 26 May. But it is not only the Group and its brands that believe in the importance of the EU. Employees all over the continent also appreciate the advantages of a united Europe. Read why Europe is important to the colleagues of different brands.

“Guaranteeing peace only with a united strength”

Porsche employee Christophe Bouvatier works in Weissach, but comes from France

“The European Union is important not only to me but also to our children. Europe is the future. Only by joining forces, we can guarantee European peace. Personally, what I think is great about Europe is that people can cross borders without formalities or waiting times. I also appreciate the fact that I can feel safe in every Member State. Of course I will vote on 26 May. This gives me the chance to help shape my own future.”

Christophe Bouvatier from France, Porsche AG, site Weissach

“Freedom of speech and choice are not self-evident”

Juliette Arav from France works for Audi in Ingolstadt

“Europe is the flourishing result of some visionaries: a place of shared values, economic interests and social goals. For their great dream, they put aside all the resentments, judgments and scars from our past. I believe my family and I are a "representative product" of the European Union: originally from different European countries, born and raised in France, growing up with European values such as diversity, freedom of expression and the opportunity to study, work and travel wherever you want. And of course: to vote. 

Freedom of speech and choice are not self-evident. Only two generations before me, women in my home country, France, had the right to vote for the first time (1945). Out of respect for my grandmother and great-grandmother alone, it is important that I exercise my right to vote. So, get busting! Go and vote!”

Juliette Arav from France, Audi AG, site Ingolstadt

“Only together we can reduce climate change”

Oliwia Puppel from Poland works for SEAT in Martorell (Barcelona)

“I believe in diversity, equality, unlimited opportunities and a better future. Europe offers all this. I am Polish and have lived in Barcelona for 12 years. I can still remember the times when my family and I were not even allowed to travel to neighboring countries.

Since Poland became part of the European Union, I have been able not only to travel through so many different places and get to know so many different people… But above everything, I was also able to decide the place in which I want to live.  I could come to Barcelona, finish my studies and create my professional and personal life here.

The challenges we face today are global. Only together can we reduce climate change and create a sustainable future. Each of us can leave a mark, but together we can make a real difference. That is why I’m voting!”

Oliwia Puppel from Poland; SEAT, S.A.; site Martorell (Barcelona)

“Small countries without a chance against China or the USA”

Nico Bänsch actually works in Salzgitter, for an internship he spends six months at Volkswagen Motor Polska

“Europe is important. I think that small countries have no chance to survive on their own compared to large industrial and economically strong countries such as China or the USA. As a German – I actually work in Salzgitter but am doing an internship at Volkswagen Motor Polska – one of the biggest advantages for me is that I have no border controls on my way to Poland. Of course, participation in the European elections is very important to me, in fact all elections are. Because they are the means to appoint a representative who can represent one's own opinion in politics in the best possible way.”

Nico Bänsch from Germany, Volkswagen Motor Polska, site Polkowice

“Speak up, go vote”

Michał Popławski from Poland works for Group Components in Wolfsburg

“Thanks to the EU and the ideas the Community stands for, we have peace and are able to help other people in Europe and beyond. Thanks to the EU I was able to study abroad. Today I can move freely between EU Member States with my family, work and meet new people. The EU is like a big family. People argue, laugh and cry, but they stick together and talk to each other. Speak up, go vote. That is your right and a privilege for EU citizens.”

Michał Popławski from Poland, Volkswagen Group Components, site Wolfsburg

“Free movement is crucial for growth and prosperity in Europe”

Jessica Persson comes from Sweden, she currently works for the TRATON Group in Munich

“Europe is a region of great diversity. For me, this diversity is the prerequisite to stay ahead and prosper. For the continuation of a successful Europe, we have to make sure that in our ever-changing world we unite the talents, energy and commitment for all.

When Sweden joined the EU in 1995, I was still at university and decided to work in Paris for a few months – what an excellent experience. After graduating, I joined Scania, which is now part of the Volkswagen Group. Since then my work has taken me from Sweden to Belgium and Germany. Currently my family and I live in Germany, where we explore the region around Munich. The EU's freedom of movement is crucial for growth and prosperity in Europe.

As I see it, in Europe we do not only have rights, we also have duties. It is all of us together that decides and shapes the future for ourselves and for our children. Together we need to make sure that the EU is steered with values and competences necessary to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges.”

Jessica Persson from Sweden, TRATON Group, site Munich

“Many take Europe as it is today for granted”

Marco Alizzi is German with Italian roots. He works for the Volkswagen brand in Wolfsburg

“I am proud of the history and the many cultures that make up this continent. The better we work together, the stronger Europe will be. It is a good feeling to have the certainty of living in a place whose values are characterized by democracy, tolerance and freedom. Many take Europe as it is today for granted. But that was not always the case. We must protect Europe from intolerance and radical thinking. We can actively do that by going to the polls.”

Marco Alizzi from Germany, Volkswagen brand, site Wolfsburg