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MAN Hybrid: Modern day bus driving

MAN has already delivered 800 hybrid buses since 2010. Now the success story continues: The new city bus generation with MAN EfficientHybrid significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Since the first hybrid bus was handed over in 2010, MAN has sold around 800 MAN Lion’s City Hybrid buses. More and more metropolitans are opting for the efficient and clean solution for inner-city traffic. The new city bus generation with MAN EfficientHybrid now continues the success story. Whether in Munich, Milan or Madrid: MAN hybrid buses now operate in major metropolitans located in ten different European countries. From January 2018 to April 2019, MAN sold almost 200 Lion's City Hybrid (A37) buses. The new, even more economical and environmentally friendly Lion's City series with MAN EfficientHybrid is the beginning of a new era.

Success story began nine years ago

On May 25, 2010, the Munich transport company put the first MAN hybrid bus into service. Nine years later, the clean and efficient buses are on the road throughout Europe: MAN hybrids operate in Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Warsaw, Dresden, Nuremberg, Paris, Milan, Wolfsburg and Lübeck. Since 2010, MAN has sold a total of around 800 MAN Lion’s City Hybrid vehicles to customers in ten countries and has gained a great deal of experience with the hybrid drive. France, Spain, Poland, Germany and Sweden lead the sales statistics and together account for over 95 percent of the volume. Customers in the French market have invested in almost 300 MAN hybrid buses and operators from Spain in almost 200 vehicles. From January 2018 to April 2019, the company sold 194 MAN Lion’s City Hybrid buses.

“The hybrid bus is in vogue. It is the first step towards emission-free transport,” says Rudi Kuchta, Head of Product & Sales Bus and spokesman for the Bus Division at MAN Truck & Bus. “More and more cities are reacting to the current challenges of urban mobility and converting their public transport systems. Transport companies want to reduce the emissions and fuel consumption of their growing fleets. Following the successful Lion’s City Hybrid model, the new MAN city bus generation with state-of-the-art diesel and gas engines and MAN EfficientHybrid, offers the right solution.

New Lion’s City with MAN EfficientHybrid: Exclusive with start-stop system

The new MAN Lion’s City Family with MAN EfficientHybrid has a lot to offer. Both the diesel version with the new D15 diesel-engine and the gas-version with the completely newly developed E18 engine series can optionally be combined with the MAN EfficientHybrid – a system that makes a significant contribution to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The standard start-stop function ensures whisper-quiet and emission-free stopping phases in city traffic. “Thanks to the new technology, the bus can be switched off completely for the first time when stopping at stops or traffic lights. This functionality of the MAN EfficientHybrid has so far been offered exclusively as the only company on the market,” explains Jan Aichinger, Head of Product Marketing Bus, adding: “Our hybrid system can thus contribute to a significant reduction in emissions and thus to improving air quality in city centers. The MAN EfficientHybrid and its energy storage system have been designed for up to 2.6 million start-stop cycles.

At the heart of the system is the crankshaft starter generator, an electric motor that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy during braking and also supports the combustion engine in starting torque. The recovered energy is stored in an UltraCap-system on the vehicle’s roof and ensures the on-board power supply – regardless of whether the engine is running or not. In addition, with the MAN EfficientHybrid, an intelligent energy management system is being introduced in the new MAN Lion’s City. It controls the operation of the diesel engine and the automatic start-stop system, monitors the charge status of the UltraCap-system and regulates the drive of the auxiliary units. Thanks to the
intelligent control system, the bus does not have to be adjusted to different routes or driver profiles. MAN EfficientHybrid continuously optimizes the most sustainable consumption mix, controls energy storage and generation, and guarantees the availability of auxiliary units.

MAN hybrid buses: Clean and efficient solution for local public transport

Since 2010, MAN has sold a total of around 800 MAN Lion’s City Hybrid (A37) buses to customers in ten countries

MAN has been researching hybrid bridge technology since the 1970s. It helps to reduce emissions. Thanks to many years of experience with electrified drivetrains and components, MAN hybrid buses have been rolling off the production line since 2011. Series production of the new MAN Lion’s City at the Polish plant in Starachowice began in May 2019. Equipped with MAN EfficientHybrid, the next generation of economical and environmentally friendly MAN hybrids will roll off the production line into Europe’s metropolises. Current orders show that the concept is still convincing. Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona recently ordered 30 Lion’s City with MAN EfficientHybrid. Linz Linien GmbH, with an order for 88 MAN vehicles for Austria's third-largest city, and LVL Jäger, just outside Stuttgart in Ludwigsburg, with an order for 50 city buses, are also relying on the latest MAN hybrid technology.

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