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33,000 People Say: “Yes, I do”

33,000 People Say: “Yes, I do”

Yes, we’ve done it – we have reserved an ID.3¹ 1ST! 33,000 people have already placed an order for the first model of the purely electric ID. family. What motivated them to do so? Six pre-bookers report:

Just under a week after pre-booking for the ID.3 1ST started, there were already more than 15,000 registrations for the model. In the meantime, almost 33,000 people made a registration! Volkswagen has noted the highest level of interest in the German, Norwegian, Dutch, British and Swedish markets.

What is pre-booking? For 1,000 euros, prospective customers can register online for an early production slot for the ID.3 1ST.  Important: Even after the first contingent of vehicles has been exceeded, the pre-booking will continue. Interested parties can still register!

What motivated people to do so?

Yes, we’ve done it – we have reserved the ID.3. In the last few weeks, almost 30,000 people in Europe have placed an order for the first model of the purely electric ID. family. What was their motivation? Seven pre-bookers report

Volkswagen ...

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Pre-booking the Volkswagen ID.3

Karolina Palin (44)

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Job: Lawyer at PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal

“I have been driving a fully electric car for three years, and driving your car every day should be fun as well as sustainable. In Sweden, we have the advantage of having a large proportion of our electricity produced by renewable sources, such as wind or hydroelectric power.

Recently, it was time for me to start considering buying a new car. I was already convinced that it would be another electric car. The space, the innovation offers and the range of the ID.3 were decisive factors – in particular the range, because of the long distances in Sweden. I work as a lawyer and will use the car mainly for commuting to my office in Gothenburg, but also for business trips and attending client meetings.

Certainly, without having had the opportunity to test drive the ID.3, the main reason is that it feels like the next exciting generation of electric cars. The fact that it is a Volkswagen is also reassuring.

The pre-booking process? Being new to the Volkswagen brand, the simplicity of the process was quite attractive. I did not have to spend hours learning about different packages or design lines. In addition to an easy booking process, I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted directly by the Swedish dealer a few days after my booking. So there is only one downside: I now have to wait until I can drive it for the first time. But there was no other option.

Leif Harald Urlaub (48)

Location: Norway

Job: Senior Software Engineer (Development & IT-Operations) 

“I have pre-booked the ID.3 because I want to drive an electric car. After the Hyundai Kona EV and BMW i3, the Volkswagen ID.3 will be my third electric car. And after seeing the initial technical parameters, it was clear to me that the ID.3 would be a very good first car. It is not going to be a second car. The technology is not the only reason I pre-booked: there was also an emotional component to it. My first car was an Audi. And Volkswagen, Audi and ŠKODA have also served my parents loyally for decades.

For me, there was no argument against pre-booking. After all, it is just an option – and it means that I have the opportunity to actually drive an ID.3 soon after the sales launch. The final purchasing decision will be made when my dealership makes me a good offer to trade in my current car …

The car will be used primarily as an everyday vehicle. For commuting to work, almost any electric car would be sufficient. But I am often out and about in the countryside on weekends, for example to go ski touring into the mountains. I think the ID.3 is really suited to long drives – and I am already looking forward to making the first one over a long weekend! I could easily imagine a tour which includes the Atlantic Ocean Road near Kristiansund and the Trollstigen.”

David Garabatos (42)

Location: Redondela, Spain
Job: Automotive engineer 
“I work in the automotive industry and the company I am with delivers homokinetic joints to big car manufacturers. I have had a great interest in cars, as well as in the latest automotive technology, since my youth. 
I pre-booked because I hope to get more information about the ID.3: information that will help me to decide whether to buy it or not. My purchasing decision depends on information. And the best argument in favor of buying an electric car so far is that it is supposed to be better for the environment. We as humans should be aware of our pollution, and I would like to contribute what I can – and buying an ID.3 could be part of what I can do to save Mother Earth and to stop climate change. Still, I have doubts as to whether an electric car is better than a gasoline or diesel car.
If I buy the ID.3, I will use the car to commute and – because I have two small children – for everyday life. With kids, you need a lot of space in a car: that’s something I am curious about as well! I hope the space inside the ID.3 will be similar to that of the Volkswagen Tiguan.”

Joonas Kiminki (38)

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Job: Entrepreneur & CEO

“I’ve had a new Volkswagen since 2008: three Golfs and one Tiguan. Before I ordered my current car in 2016, I tried out the Passat GTE, but decided to go for a 4-wheel-drive Tiguan. But I also decided that the Tiguan would be the last car I would buy with a conventional drivetrain. Why? The system just feels a bit obsolete compared with an electric drivetrain. 

The ID.3 is the electric car I’ve been waiting for – hopefully. If I buy it, I will use it as the primary car for daily driving. I live on the outskirts of Helsinki and typically drive between 20 and 150 kilometers per day, which means that an electric car should suit our family perfectly in our everyday needs. The only downside: It is not a 4-wheel drive – and the Finnish winter is icy.

The ID.3 is an exciting car because it was designed to be electric from the start. It’s a good mix of a futuristic and functional design. Furthermore, it’s not a “showpiece,” a €100,000 luxury car that can never be suitable for the masses. I hope it will be a real “Volkswagen” – then it might change mobility a lot more than expensive and exclusive electric cars.”

Kevin Raths (28)

Location: Weida, Germany
Job: Administrator
“I have pre-booked an ID.3 because I simply think electric mobility is good! It’s fun to drive electric cars and it’s more relaxing than many people think. Of course, the acceleration is particularly great! At the moment, I have a Golf GTE, and I’ve already gained a lot of experience in e-mobility with it. But now I would like to switch to a purely electric car.

Why the ID.3 in particular? It is the first e-car with a good price-performance ratio and a range that is suitable for everyday life. That means I can use it as an everyday car, as I use my Golf GTE now. I will commute to work and also use it for longer trips on the weekend. And probably even for really long vacation trips.

The only thing that might cause me to cancel my pre-booking? I don’t yet know the exact equipment the ID.3 1ST is going to have, i.e. the exact specifications of the first series for pre-bookers.”

  • Facts about the ID 1ST

    In preparation for the launch of the ID.3, prospective customers can reserve the special edition ID.3 1ST, which has been specially configured for this purpose. It has high-quality and high-performance equipment and is limited to 30,000 vehicles.

    Volkswagen has equipped the ID.3 1ST with the medium battery of the series version, which is expected to be the most sought-after. The three battery sizes in the series will permit ranges of 330 to 550 kilometers according to WLTP.

    The pre-booking special edition has a range of 420 kilometers (WLTP). The basic price of the ID.3 series model in Germany starts at under 30,000 euros (suggested price) for the smallest version, and is under 40,000 euros for the exclusive special edition ID.3 1ST – before deduction of the government subsidy in each case.

    Volkswagen offers pre-bookers who purchase an ID.3 1ST a year of free electricity charging – up to a maximum of 2,000 kWh – at all public charging stations which are connected to the Volkswagen charging app WeCharge, as well as in the Europe-wide quick charging network IONITY, in which Volkswagen participates and which offers green electricity wherever this is technologically possible.

    The ID.3 will be delivered to customers with a neutral carbon footprint. The supply chain, the manufacture of battery cells and production are all geared toward this objective. For example, electricity from renewable sources will be consistently used. Unavoidable emissions in the manufacturing process will be offset by certified climate projects.

    Production of the ID.3 1ST will begin at the end of 2019. The first vehicles will be delivered in mid-2020. 


1 This vehicle is not yet available for purchase in Europe

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