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Green energy supplier Elli draws a positive conclusion

The switch to e-mobility only makes sense if there is a consistent expansion of renewable energy at the same time. With Elli, Volkswagen has established its own green energy provider. For a year now, the company has been helping its customers achieve their own personal energy transition – time for an initial interim assessment.

The fully electric ID.31 marks the start of Volkswagen’s major e-offensive this year. The company is doing everything it can to make the switch to the electric car as easy as possible for customers. The Volkswagen subsidiary Elli, for example, is supplying a complete package for charging – from the Wallbox to the appropriate, climate-friendly electricity. 

Elli stands for Electric life and is part of the energy transition. For a good year now, the company has been offering Volkswagen Naturstrom for private households and companies. Shortly after its launch, the number of customers was already in the five-digit range and continues to grow. The company expects a further upward trend in 2020. With the launch of the ID.3, more customers will also opt for the suitable green energy tariff. Elli has set itself the goal of digitally linking the topics of energy and mobility and optimally accompanying the switch to e-mobility.

“Elli is a young and dynamic company that is already making a contribution to the energy transition. We are particularly pleased that we are consistently doing very well on the major comparison sites. In the coming years we want to convince even more people of our innovative and sustainable energy solutions,” says Thorsten Nicklass, CEO of Elli.

The appropriate green electricity in just three steps

The personal energy transition is very simple: with just three clicks, you can find the appropriate green energy tariff on the Elli website. Firstly, enter the average annual electricity consumption, secondly answer the question of whether you own a battery-powered e-car and if so, how many kilometers you drive with it each year, and thirdly, enter your postal code. There you go. The appropriate tariff is then calculated. 

Volkswagen Naturstrom®, a TÜV-certified green electricity, is delivered. For every kilowatt hour that the customer consumes, the same amount of electricity from renewable sources such as wind power, solar energy or hydroelectric power plants is fed into the grid. At present, most of the electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, the supplier, VW Kraftwerk, is actively investing in the expansion of renewable energies – for example by building wind farms and solar plants at its sites. “We want to make green electricity simple, cheap and sustainable for our customers,” says Thorsten Nicklass, describing Elli’s claim.

Elli supplies the Wallbox and the associated service

In the coming months Elli will continue to expand its portfolio and offer a complete ecosystem around the charging of the e-car. This includes, for example, the ID. Charger, a Wallbox for charging at home. There are three versions to choose from, which differ mainly in their range of features. We answer the most important questions about the ID. Charger here. Sales will start in parallel with ID.3 in the first half of 2020. Elli also offers a complete package for fleet customers. Elli not only takes care of the planning and installation of the charging points, but also takes care of maintenance and invoicing if desired. Elli therefore supplies everything from a single source for the customer. 

Questions such as “How many charging points do I need?”, “How many vehicles can I charge?”, “How can I keep my costs low?”, “Can I use my photovoltaic system for charging?” or “Can I use a stationary energy storage unit on site?” are clarified by Elli for each customer individually on site.  

We Charge simplifies public charging

Volkswagen mobility platform “We Charge”

Volkswagen and Elli are also developing intelligent solutions for public charging. With the WeCharge charging card, users will in future be able to charge at more than 100,000 public charging points throughout Europe. Elli is concluding separate contracts with the respective charging point operators for this purpose. This will make public charging convenient, transparent and safe for e-car drivers. WeCharge will be launched in the course of the market launch of ID.3.

Was für Fahrerinnen und Fahrer von Autos mit Benzin- oder Dieselmotor die Zapfsäule an der Tankstelle ist, ist im Fall eines Elektroautos die Ladesäule. Möglichkeiten, die Akkus des Elektroautos zu laden, sind vielfältig: Ob zuhause, am Arbeitsplatz oder unterwegs. Dieser Animationsfilm erklärt auf einfache Weise, was dabei wichtig ist – und was die Politik tun kann, um mehr Menschen für nachhaltige Mobilität zu begeistern.

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