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“With the cloud, we’re really taking off”

“With the cloud, we’re really taking off”

Volkswagen relies on cloud computing and thus on Hischam Abul Ola. He is a cloud architect, and his team develops IT environments in such a way that they help users to work faster and more efficiently.

Cloud computing, i.e. the use of IT services such as computing power and storage but also machine learning and cyber security tools via the Internet, is increasingly playing a role for the Volkswagen Group. Gradually, IT functions and systems are being moved to the cloud, new applications are being developed in the cloud, and tasks are being solved with applications from the cloud. To ensure that this runs smoothly, so-called cloud architects work in the IT City in Wolfsburg – including Hischam Abul Ola and his team. “The opportunity to work on exciting solutions in the Industrie 4.0 space excites and motivates me,” explains Abul Ola.

“Agile methods and continuous delivery allow quick adaptations to our solutions. Our motto is: plan less, do more.”

Hischam Abul Ola Cloud Architect
Current project: the development of a Digital Production Platform.

“I am particularly proud of the extended virtual community that we have been able to establish across departmental and divisional boundaries,” says the cloud architect. Many employees have embraced new technologies, future-oriented architectures and mechanisms that go hand in hand with the transition to the cloud, he adds.

Cloud computing not only ensures that data and programs are operated more efficiently and securely in the cloud and are developed further in shorter cycles. It also brings with it, new ways of working. “Agile methods and continuous delivery allow quick adaptations to our solutions. Our motto is: plan less, do more”, one example: using IoT and machine learning for efficient production. It all requires a lot of communication, spontaneous meetings and discussions. “We make sure it runs, everything meshes and plays together,” he explains.

In the end, it’s the results that count: for users, most of whom are software developers, Abul Ola and his team have been able to speed things up. The deployment of new secure environments in the cloud has been greatly accelerated. Developers now have the ability to deploy their systems to the cloud in minutes, fully automated.

For Abul Ola, Volkswagen’s digital transformation has only just begun.

Abul Ola has been working on the Digital Production Platform since 2019. “We are looking at Industrial IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. By using the cloud, we are making these available to over 120 plants across all Group brands,” explains Abul Ola.

However, the Group’s digital transformation continues to demand many changes. Abul Ola: “I think Volkswagen is just picking up speed in this area.” Where is the journey headed? Abul Ola expects a clear trend towards cloud migration. Meaning: in the long term, Volkswagen will extensively modernize existing IT systems and expand and make them accessible through cloud services. So, there is still a lot for the cloud architect to do.

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    Volkswagen is on its way to becoming a leading provider of electric, digital mobility. That’s why, even during the corona crisis, the company is hiring experts and emerging talent for future fields such as battery development, software development and UX design.

    A job at Volkswagen means helping to shape the mobility of the future – and it comes with many other benefits. These include flexible working hours, a 35-hour week, the opportunity to work from home, attractive remuneration and the chance to gain international experience.

    More information is available at www.volkswagen-karriere.de

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