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Ukraine aid: Volkswagen supports DRK with 22 vehicles

Ukraine aid: Volkswagen supports DRK with 22 vehicles

Group Refugee Aid and Sports Communication handed over Caravels and Crafters.

Volkswagen has handed over a total of 22 vehicles to the German Red Cross in Lower Saxony. "We want to and will continue to help the people who have to flee the war in Ukraine. That is why, among other things, we are also making these 22 vehicles available to the German Red Cross. This is an important signal that we will not leave the refugees alone, but will continue to stand by them," said Gunnar Kilian, Group Chief Human Resources Officer.

Gunnar Kilian

According to Kilian, this support will also enable the German Red Cross to help exactly where it is most urgently needed at the moment. The vehicles will be used to drive people to shelters or to distribute donations in kind. Marcellus Puig, Head of Human Resources at the Volkswagen brand, Dominik Günther from Volkswagen Sports Communications and Oliver Braun from Group Refugee Aid made the T6 Caravels and Crafters available to various DRK district associations and local groups throughout the state of Lower Saxony on behalf of the company. "Normally, we make athletes mobile in the region by allowing the clubs to use our vehicles for their trips to competitions and training missions. Now there is a much more important purpose to fulfill: namely to provide humanitarian aid in the Ukraine war. That's why we are handing over our fleet to the aid organizations for their commitment," says Günther. The DRK will be able to use the vehicles until at least the end of April to support its district organizations in their work.

Daniela Cavallo

Daniela Cavallo, Chairwoman of the Group Works Council, adds: "Our workforce has shown a big heart in recent weeks with its willingness to donate and a number of aid campaigns for Ukraine. The company is now providing further support by making vehicles available to the regional aid organizations. As the Works Council, we expressly welcome this. It shows how firmly Volkswagen is anchored in the region and in our society and how committed it is to its fellow human beings."

Andreas Ring, Chairman of the DRK-Kreisverband Wolfenbüttel e.V., is enthusiastic about the support: "We are very grateful to Volkswagen. After all, we need the vehicles very urgently to be able to offer the necessary driving services. We are glad that we can continue the great cooperation with Volkswagen from 2015."

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