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Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Mobility as a Service and Transport as a Service, fully autonomous, will be an integral component of NEW AUTO. By 2030, Volkswagen Group will be offering integrated mobility and transportation solutions to cover all customer needs on a central platform. The value chain consists of four levels: the driverless system, its integration in vehicles, fleet management, and a mobility platform for customers.

Autonomous driving to be a gamechanger

The Volkswagen Group and its strategic partner ARGO AI are already consistently pushing ahead with the development of a driverless system, as basis for autonomous shuttles and new mobility services. For this, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is developing and making special purpose vehicles (SPVs), such as robo-taxis and robo-transporters, and is responsible for their commercial use in cities. In addition, CARIAD will develop level 4 autonomous driving for passenger cars. As such, the Group will establish the largest neural network of vehicles in the world.

With pilot projects in Munich, the Volkswagen Group is currently testing the first autonomous buses and plans to implement similar autonomous driving projects in other major cities in Germany, China and the USA. In 2025, Volkswagen will provide its first autonomous mobility service in Europe, shortly followed by the USA. Future revenue potentials are promising: by 2030, the total market for Mobility as a Service in the five biggest European markets will amount to 70 billion US dollars.

In the coming years, the Group will bundle all its mobility offerings, and those of its brands, on one mobility platform. In doing so, the company plans to capture a significant share of the market and additional sales potential in this important future business. A joint fleet of vehicles, covering all the various services – from car rental and subscription to car sharing and ride hailing – will ensure a high degree of availability, capacity and rentability.

Social Media Statements

Strategy Day 2021

Christian Senger, CTO Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Mobility & Services

13.07.2021 | Christian Senger, CTO Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Mobility & Services

Dr. Christian Dahlheim, Head of Volkswagen Group Sales, Mobility Solutions

13.07.2021 | Dr. Christian Dahlheim, Head of Volkswagen Group Sales, Mobility Solutions

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