2. Sustainability
  3. Engagement

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The Volkswagen Group faces its social responsibilities head on by adhering to the two basic principles of continuity and participation. The Group undertakes sustainable projects through long-term partnerships. Volkswagen encourages knowledge sharing sessions in relation to cooperation with stakeholders. This ensures that engagement becomes a learning platform for the company as a whole.

Volkswagen uses national and international cultural projects and partnerships to promote education in modern art.

Volkswagen is also involved in resolving social issues. Since 2015, the company has been committed to helping refugees by managing emergency aid, helping with language learning, training and education, and providing comprehensive information on a proprietary platform.

Volkswagen initiates and supports sustainability projects. In 2018, the company undertook more than 500 projects worldwide which addressed issues including regional structural development, health, education, sport, and environmental conservation.

The development and management of long-term partnerships are key factors in ensuring that Volkswagen’s engagement remains consistent. Volkswagen works with non-governmental organizations and academic institutions, and is a member of a range of organizations and initiatives.